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Where’s My Stimulus – Get My Payment – 2022

Where’s My Stimulus – During the first few waves of COVID-19, a lot of people were not able to work as they were under a lockdown situation. Many people lost their jobs during that time, and most of us had to see a salary cut. It was a very tough time for every person in the United States. 

The federal government of the United States tried to help every citizen of the country with stimulus checks. Every American was eligible to get stimulus checks during that time. Most people receive their stimulus checks without any hassle, but some people are still facing problems with their stimulus checks.

The Internal Revenue Service has already asked everyone to update their stimulus checks in their income tax return this year, and it is becoming a headache for people who are yet to receive their stimulus checks.

Where’s MY Stimulus Check?

A lot of people did not receive their stimulus check, and they are still looking for my stimulus check on different platforms. If you are also among those people, then let us remind you once again that the Internal Revenue Service also has all of your details regarding your stimulus checks.

You can easily check it on their official portal. The Internal Revenue Service launches two different portals for two different types of people. The first portal is for people who are paying their income taxes. 

If you have paid your income taxes for 2019 and 2020, then you can use the below-given button to check the payment status of your stimulus checks.

On the other hand, for people who are not paying their income taxes because they do not fall in the minimum income bracket, which is $12,200 for an individual and $24,400 for a married couple, then you can use the below-given button.

Why haven’t I received my stimulus check?

A lot of people in the United States did not receive their stimulus checks, and now they are looking for my stimulus check on different social media and website platforms.

Yes, there was some delay in delivering stimulus checks from the United States Postal Service. Some people did not receive their checks, while others did not cash at the given time.

Those people do not have to worry about anything as the Internal Revenue Service has all of your records related to stimulus checks. A few months back, the Internal Revenue Service stated stimulus checks, and they made it clear that anyone can Track their stimulus checks.

People who missed their stimulus payments can also claim these payments as a tax refund. The Internal Revenue Service has a special section where you can ask for any refund, including your stimulus checks.

The federal government of the United States announced last year that every child in the United States is going to get around 3600 U.S. dollars depending on the income of the parents.

Where's My Stimulus
Where’s My Stimulus

A Complete Timeline of Stimulus Checks

Before we move ahead, let’s take a look at the complete timeline of stimulus checks. A lot of rumors have been running in the market that the federal government has been issuing stimulus checks every quarter, but those rumors are not true.

These rumors are just creating hype, and that is why everybody is asking where my stimulus checks are? The federal government of the United States issued only three stimulus checks according to economic impact payments during the spread of novel coronavirus for eligible people.

  •  The first stimulus payment of $1200 was issued in April 2020. There were eligibility criteria for each stimulus check, and you should check your eligibility if you have not received the first stimulus check.
  • The second stimulus payment was issued in December 2020 and January 2021. The payment contains $600. The federal government used both checks and prepaid cards to deliver the payment.
  • The third stimulus payment of $1400 was issued in March 2021. 

 Most people have already received all of their stimulus payments, but some people were not able to receive the third and final stimulus payment. That is why the federal government of the United States, along with the Internal Revenue Service, have asked everyone to get the stimulus payment as a tax refund.

Eligibility for Stimulus Checks

As we have discussed in the above section, there is eligibility for every American to receive the stimulus checks. The eligibility to receive these stimulus checks keep changing from time to time, and we are going to discuss the eligibility for the 3rd stimulus check.

As per the official statement issued by the Internal Revenue Service regarding the third round of economic impact payment, every individual in the United states Earning below 75,000 each year is eligible to receive the third stimulus check.

At the same time, a married couple feeling a joint return and earning less than $150,000 is also eligible to receive the stimulus payments. A couple will get $2400 as a third stimulus payment.

As the head of household, a person is also eligible to receive a third stimulus check if they are earning less than $112,500. 

What if I Lost My Stimulus Check?

There is a probability that you might have lost your payment check if you are not able to locate your stimulus payment. In these cases where the stimulus check was lost or stolen, the Internal Revenue Service suggests everyone request a payment trace. 

It is very important to track your payment so that the Internal Revenue Service can check whether it was cashed or not. In case your check was never cashed, then you can request the Internal Revenue Service, and they will credit it to your account.

The Internal Revenue Service is not going to give you a fresh check, but you have to claim it in your 2021 tax report as a recovery rebate credit.

What are the ineligibility criteria to receive any stimulus check in the United States?

Along with the eligibility criteria, the Internal Revenue Service along with the federal government also issued a statement regarding the ineligibility to receive any stimulus check. As per the official statement, anyone who does not have a Social Security number that is valid for employment in the United States is not eligible to receive the stimulus payments. If you were among those people, then there is no need for you to search for my stimulus check as you are not eligible to receive it.

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