GOLO Reviews and Complaints

GOLO Reviews and Complaints – Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a surge in the number of scams and scams over the Internet. These cameras tried to lure people by targeting their emotions. For example, people can easily target an overweight person in some weight loss program or supplement.

A similar thing is happening with GOLO. Since November 2019, there has been a huge spike in bad reviews and complaints regarding the company. Most people are complaining that GOLO has been making false promises and they are not able to deliver the results they claim on their official website. 

Keeping that in mind, today we are here going to discuss all the GOLO reviews and complaints over the Internet. We are going to take a look at the basics of GOLO. And later, we will compare it with the complaints and reviews by people on 3rd party platforms, including Yelp and Trustpilot.

What is a GOLO diet?

GOLO Diet is a famous weight loss program launched by GOLO.com. The company claims on its official website that they are among the best to lose extra body weight. They help you lose your body weight with a combination of an exercise diet and their home supplement.

Technically, it is not a unique idea as it has been exhausted by hundreds of different companies all around the world. These companies will use the basic idea to lose weight which is to eat in a calorie deficit manner and perform regular exercises.

To make their idea unique, these companies sell their diet plan along with their supplements. They will also advertise that their supplements are the only thing that can help you lose weight. The reality is that they also use the similar principle of eating in a deficit manner and working out regularly.

GOLO Reviews and Complaints

Today, we are here to discuss all the reviews and complaints of GOLO On third-party platforms, including Yelp, Trustpilot, etc. On its official website, the company claims to deliver the best in class results.

 No company in the world will allow any of the users to put a bad comment or review on their official website, and that is why we cannot trust those official reviews. We should always look for a third-party website or platform to check the reality.


Trustpilot is among the biggest names when it comes to reviewing any service or business. On Trustpilot, GOLO has 456 Reviews, and they have 3.7 stars out of five with those 456 reviews. 

As per the statistics, 68% of those people have given five stars while 16% have given one star. At first glance, you might think that the golo diet is the best as they have more than 65% of people giving five stars.

No, whenever you try to see the complaints and reviews of any company, you should also try to filter out the paid reviews on these platforms. Most companies around the world use paid reviews, and they are always going to do five stars.

GOLO Reviews and Complaints
GOLO Reviews and Complaints

Good Reviews

Let’s start with the good reviews as they have 68% of reviewers with five stars. We will also try to filter out those reviews which might look paid.

One interesting comment by Jean from Puerto Rico gained our attention as Jean mentioned that She had lost around 52 pounds of weight in the last 1 ½ year. Jean started taking their supplement back in September 2020, and she is very happy with her results.

Most health experts around the world will suggest you not lose 1% of your body weight each week. Apart from that, you can also go with a pound or 1.5 pounds a week. On those parameters, Jean looks genuine as she has just lost around 52 pounds in the last two years.

Another interesting review was From Katherine, who mentioned that she had been following their diet for the last two months, and she had lost around 10 pounds which is also possible if you are over 200 pounds.

There were some paid comments or reviews where people claim that they lost around 50 pounds in just two or three months, and they always try to emphasize those numbers. We did not consider them.

Bad Reviews

16% bad reviews activist pilots might not seem a big deal to you but they are. These reviews will help you understand all the problems with the product and the company.

After reading most of these reviews, I there are some problems with the product. One of the major problems with GOLO supplements is that it is not going to work if you do not combine them with a calorie deficit diet along with regular exercise.

Another problem with their products and services is their poor return policy. GOLO claims only on its official website that you can return the product anytime you want as they have a 100% money-back guarantee, but the return process is not easy.

Juaan claimed in its review that the company did not respond to his Emails regarding the return of the Product. After trying for several weeks, he stopped doing it and posted a review on Trustpilot to appear for everyone on the Internet.

People mostly are talking about bad results as weight loss is not easy for every person on this earth. You have to strengthen your digestive system, and GOLO supplements have problems like bloating stomach aches, and diarrhea. 


Highya Is another famous platform for reviews and complaints. GOLO has 106 reviews on its platform, and they do not look good. The company has 3.3 stars out of five, and 36% of people claim that they are not happy with their supplements. As compared to Trustpilot, people with one star are near to double at Highya.

Good Reviews

Similar to Trustpilot, we are going to start with good reviews, and we will also try to filter out paid reviews as much as possible. We tried to filter out all the reviewers who had been taking the supplements for more than three months, and they did not see any magical results such as 100 or 70 pounds of weight in just one month.

There was a very interesting review by Mary Ellen, who is also a verified reviewer on the platform. She mentioned that she started taking the supplement two years back, and she is not consistent at all. Mary further mentioned that she lasted around 26 pounds in four months, but her weight was also more than 200 pounds.

 Another interesting review was posted by robots from Layton, UT. Robert mentioned that he had lost around 36 pounds in the last ten weeks, and he is very happy with the results.

Bad Reviews

Now let’s switch to the bad review section of GOLO on this platform. Similar to trusting pilots, a lot of people are claiming that they are not happy with the shipment and return policy of the company.

On their official website, GOLO claims that they can provide 100% money back if you are not happy with the results, but the reality is a bit different. Most people on the platform have been complaining that GOLO does not accept their returns.

Another thing that is very interesting in the bad reviews at Trustpilot and Highya Is that both platforms are filled with people complaining about having digestive issues after taking their supplements.

People claim that they start having digestive issues, including diarrhea and stomach aches. Before you make any purchase, we will suggest you take a look at the ingredients of their supplements. There might be some ingredient which is not easy to digest for every person on this earth.


Before we wrap up this session, let’s conclude everything we have learned from these reviews. Both platforms are filled with five-star reviews where people are claiming that they have lost hundreds of pounds in just a short period.

We all understand that losing hundreds of pounds in just two or three months is not a common thing. We don’t see any pictures of people claiming that they have lost hundreds of pounds using their supplements on social media platforms or YouTube.

Yes, there are some reviews, but most of those pictures and reviews are fake. If you compare the basics of GOLO die with the general idea of weight loss, you will find all the similarities.

Health experts around the world will suggest you go for a calorie deficit diet and regular exercise to lose weight. GOLO also suggests everyone go for a calorie deficit diet, regular exercise, and supplements. 

GOLO does include some ingredients which can help you lose weight in its supplements, but you should understand the basics of weight loss before you will be able to get the best results.

Can GOLO help me lose weight?

Yes, GOLO can help you lose weight or come out of obesity only if you understand the basics. You should learn that you have to do regular exercise along with a good diet to lose weight with GOLO.

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