Walgreens Photo Center

Walgreens photo center Is among the prime examples of how big corporations are making our life easier and more exciting at the same time. As we already know, big corporations are expanding their horizons, and every time it is not bad for society. If you blame them for kicking the general public out of their business, then you have to appreciate their efforts to revive several businesses which were already dead.

Walgreen’s is among the biggest names when it comes to pharmaceutical chains working in the United States of America. As per the latest data, they have more than 9000 stores across all 50 states of the United States of America. Their highest numbers of stores are in Florida, while the lowest is in the US Virgin Islands and North Dakota.

What is Walgreens Photo Center?

Your nearby Walgreens pharmacy is not just a place to buy prescription drugs or cough syrup. And it is more than that. You can also use Walgreens photo center to develop pictures and buy customized products.

Even though its name contains a photo in it, this doesn’t mean you can just develop photos at Walgreen’s photo center. 

In the year 2022, Walgreens photo center will have a huge number of products in its arsenal, starting from posters, banners, wallets, film, DVDs, notebooks, gift cards, postcards, business cards, etc.

If you don’t like to visit pharmacies for the above-given products, then you don’t have to worry about it. Walgreens has a delivery service, and they can use that service to deliver those products to your doorsteps also.

Walgreens Photo Center
Walgreens Photo Center

The Average Cost of Walgreens Photo Center

Well, pricing is among the biggest sales drivers when it comes to gifts and personalized items. In our testing, we found that pricing at Walgreens photo center is a bit higher than its competitors. 

For example, without applying the discount, you will have to pay around $19.99 for an 8.5 * 11 wall calendar. At the same time, if you compare it with any of its competitors, it is more than two-point $2.5 expensive on average.

Apart from that, you will also have to pay to ship or pick up charges separately. But usually, these charges do not mind you if you use any coupon code to lower the base price.

Walgreens Photo Center Hours

Before we talk about the Walgreens photo center services, next, take a look at Walgreens photo center working hours. 

Kindly remember that different Walgreens photo centers might have different working hours depending on various things. We are only going to talk about the average service hours. You should check the service orders of the specific center before making any order.

  • Monday to Saturday – 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Sunday – 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

The above are your service hours for most of the locations in New York City and around neighborhoods. If you are looking for service hours In California, then you should check the specific store because the working hours are different in California than in New York City.


Online Orders

Even though the offline working hours of Walgreens photo centers are limited, you can always use the digital platforms offered by Walgreens photo. All of these digital platforms are available 24*7 to take orders and showcase the products. 

You can use digital platforms to make an order any time of the day. But, if you are going to pick up your order by yourself, then you have to make sure you are placing an order between working hours and give at least two hours before the closing. 

Walgreens Photo Center
Walgreens Photo Center

For example, you want to create a pickup order from Walgreens photo center, and the store near your neighborhood closes at 10:00 PM. Then you should not order around 9:00 or 9:30 because they take at least one hour. The safe time is around 2 hours.

Walgreens Photo Center Services

Now let’s talk about the biggest query of the day, which are the major services of Walgreens photo center. In recent years, Walgreens photo center has added so many new categories than any of its competitors.


Walgreens photo center is known to provide world-class print services at all of its locations. It is among its most popular categories as most of the customers are looking for something in the prints category.

The prints category at Walgreens photo center services includes posters, passport photos, home movies to DVDs, collages, wallets, banners, wood hangers, board prints, etc.


Books are among the most popular services after prints at any Walgreens photo center. Currently, they offer several categories in books, such as windows cover, lay flat, premium lay flat, and softcover. At the same time you can also select different sizes which include 8.5 * 11, 8 * 8, 12 * 12, 11 * 14, 5 * 7 and 6 * 8.

Cards and stationery

The next major service at Walgreens photo center is cars and stationary. You can get a huge list of different categories in cards, such as birthday cards, baby showers, graduation, wedding shower, greeting cards, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, thank you, etc.

At the same time, you can also get business cards, address labels, gift tags, note cards, personal stationery, etc. There is a huge list of products in cards and stationery which you have to check by yourself.

Posters and calendars

Apart from cards, stationery, books, and prints, Walgreen’s photo service also has posters and calendar products add their platform available 24*7. Walgreens has posters, board prints, adhesive prints, banners, and different types of calendars.

For example, you can get wall calendars, Desk, and wood hanger types of calendars in different sizes, starting from 4*8 to 12*12. 

General gifts

Walgreens photo center services also include a huge list of general gift ideas. They have personalized and stock ideas for gifts. You can buy a huge range of products for gifts such as drinkware, pillow blankets, bags, toys, games, tabletop, photo blocks, mousepads, kid puzzles, phone cases, etc.

Walgreens Photo Center Policies

Walgreens photo center is among the best because of their policies, including return and refund. They are working actively to provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction with every product.

As per their official policies, if you do not like the quality of the merchandise, then Walgreens photo center is going to provide you with a full replacement or full refund.

  • If you ordered online and selected the same-day pickup, then you should visit the store and request an exchange or refund. The store is not going to reject your request, and they have to proceed with it.
  • If you use mail orders, then you have to call their customer service, and you can use their toll-free number at 1-866-264-2910. Their customer service team is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Walgreens photo center has recently introduced an option to cancel any order you make using digital platforms. As per their official policy, You will get a two-hour window to cancel any orders placed for mail delivery and ship to the store. After two hours, you are not able to cancel your order, and you have to take the delivery.

Walgreens Photo Center Coupons

Walgreens photo center is among the few platforms which provide coupons daily. These coupons help the customer to get a few percent discounts. The discount is not going to be fixed as it can vary from 10% to 40% depending on the days.

  • Use ALLPHOTO40 for 40% Off on everything photo.

Walgreens Photo Center Near Me

Walgreens pharmacy is available in more than 9000 locations nationwide, and as per their official website, Walgreens photo center is available on most of the sites.

If you want to locate a Walgreens photo center near your neighborhood, then you can use the below-given button, which will directly take you to the store locator. 

On the official page of Walgreens store locator, you can either enter the postcode of your neighborhood or the name of the city you are currently living in. As soon as you enter the postcode, it will show you all the Walgreens photo service centers, and you can select the nearby location or where the services are available. 

Does Walgreen’s photo service provide same-day delivery at all of the products?

No, Walgreen’s photo service does not provide same-day delivery at all of the products they offer on any of its platforms. There are a few items that require more time in customization, and sometimes it is not possible to deliver those items within the same day. You should go check their official website to see the products offered for same-day delivery.

Can I return the product to Walgreens photo center if I use mail orders?

As per the official website of Walgreens photo service, you cannot return the product which you bought using mail orders. Even if you reach the local store to return the product, they are not going to accept your request, and you will have to use the online platform or their customer care number to create a refund or replacement ticket.

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