Is GOLO Diet a Scam

Is Golo Diet A Scam – Every industry in the world has some good and bad elements? Some industries have it more than anything else, and the fitness industry is among those industries. Yes, you heard it completely right. The fitness industry has more scammers than any other industry in the world.

The problem with the fitness industry is that it might take some weeks to show the results. People do not have much knowledge about health and fitness, and scammers try to tap their emotional side and so the products they don’t even need in the first place.

If you have been an active member at Forbes or any other big platform, then you might have seen the advertisement for Golo Diet. The year 2020 and 2021 was the best year for the Golo Diet. As per the latest data points, they added more customers in these two years than they first started back in 2009.

Now, a lot of people are calling the Golo Diet scam as they are not able to see the results claimed by the company on other customers. That is why today we are here to discuss whether the Golo Diet is a scam or if people are just doing bad publicity.

What is a Golo Diet?

Before we discuss whether it is a scam or not, let’s first take a look at the basics of the diet. 

Golo Diet is just like any other weight loss program where a company claims to have a secret formula in the form of their supplement so that people can lose weight and come out of obesity.

The company tried to sell its supplement along with a diet plan to help people lose weight, and it was started back in 2009. Their business model is to send their supplements along with their weight loss diet plan.

Now, those who are related to the health and fitness industry understand that it is not easy for every person in the world to be creative. You cannot tell everyone to start eating 1500 calories a day to lose weight. 

Yes, some people are going to lose weight at 1500 calories, but some people might even start gaining weight because they were eating way less before you suggested they start dating 1500s a day. 

Reviews of Golo Diet

When it comes to reviewing any company, we do not go for the reviews and commands published on the official website of the company. 

No company in the world is ever going to put a bad review on their official website. If you ever want to see genuine reviews and complaints regarding any company, then you should go for the third-party platform.


We have taken a look at the reviews at Trustpilot, which is among the best websites to review any business on the Internet.

Golo Diet has 3.7 stars out of five at Trustpilot, and most people seem to like the product as they have 68% excellent reviews.

When we read all those reviews, we got mixed results as people were claiming that they were losing tons of weight. On the other hand, some people were also claiming that they had digestive issues after eating the product. 

Some people are also claiming that they do not have the right return policy even though they claim on their official website that you can return the product if you do not get the results.


The company also sells its release supplement on Amazon, and they also have 3.6 stars out of five on the platform. 

At first glance, you might think that 3.6 stars out of five are a pretty good number, but it is not. Anything below four stars is bad. Most people do not buy any product which has less than four stars. 

The major problem with these reviews is that companies can also plant their paid reviews which are going to be five stars, and it can push the rating above.

When we read some reviews of the Golo Diet on Amazon, we find that people are not happy with the results even after consuming the supplements for six months or more.


Just do your breathing does not change any platform, including Amazon, Trustpilot, and now Highya. Golo Diet Is not able to maintain a rating above four stars or any of the above-given platforms.

Similar to Amazon and Trustpilot, people are claiming that they are not getting many benefits after taking the supplements of the Golo Diet.

Most people are also claiming that they are following the given diet along with the workout schedule and steal their notes, seeing any difference in their weight scale. As we have already discussed, weight loss cannot be similar for every person.

Those who are from the fitness industry understand that every person requires a different type of diet. Golo Diet lag in that basic area. That is why it is getting bad reviews. Otherwise, they are using every single tactic to help people lose weight.

Is GOLO Diet a Scam
Is GOLO Diet a Scam

The Right way to Lose Weight

Before we move ahead and conclude the article, let’s take a look at the right way to lose weight. Every health expert in the world will suggest you follow the below-given formula to lose your body weight. 

Calorie deficit diet

The world is full of diets. As per one estimation, there are more than a thousand different diets available in the world, and they all are effective in weight loss. 

Now, you might ask why every diet in the world is capable of helping a person lose extra body weight and come out of obesity.

The answer to that question is calorie deficit. Yes, you can select any diet in the world and change it according to calorie deficit manner, and you will start seeing results from the very first week.

The problem we find in a calorie deficit is that people don’t know how much they require in a day and how much they are eating exactly.

Once a person figures out how to count calories and stay in a calorie deficit, weight loss is just going to become a game. 

Kindly do not create a calorie deficit of more than 10 to 15% of your daily calorie intake. We don’t want to go on a crash Diet. 

Regular exercise

Believe it or not, other than surgeries or some pills with tons of side effects, nobody can lose weight without regular exercise.

I am not saying that you should start going to the gym every day, but You should start some physical activities such as walking, cycling, running, swimming or weight training.

Every health expert in the world will suggest you include weight training along with the calorie deficit diet to increase the speed of your weight loss.


Whether you want to gain weight or gain some muscle, recovery is going to be among the biggest parts of your whole schedule. 

Scientists and health experts around the world say that our body grows or loses fat when we are sleeping. If you are not sleeping enough, then you should start doing it, as every person in the world requires at least six hours of sleep.

be consistent

Yes, the last piece of advice for any person who is trying to lose weight can beat consistency. Apart from these four things, there is nothing in the world that can affect your weight loss journey.

If you are eating a clean diet in a calorie deficit manner, having regular exercise, and are consistent in doing all this, then there is nothing in the world that can stop you from losing weight.

Some people might claim that there are supplements such as protein. Trust me. If you can get enough protein out of your diet, then you don’t even require any protein supplement to lose it. Other supplements, including weight loss pills, pre-workout, and mid-workout, are just secondary.

First, you should focus on the above given three advisers along with consistency, and you will see rapid results in your weight loss.

What is the Problem with the Golo Diet?

Now, it is time for us to conclude everything and find the problem with the Golo Diet. As we have seen in the above-given section, you can use a four-step formula to lose weight and it is going to apply to every person in the world. 

The problem with Golo Diet is that the company is trying to push their supplements first and rest on the things later. People who have reviewed the services of the company have not mentioned anything regarding customized diet plans according to the needs of the customer.

Apart from that, people are also not talking about doing weight training or regular exercise. Most people believe that they will get slim after eating their supplements regularly. 

Can I lose weight using Golo supplements?

Yes, you can lose weight even after using Golo supplements. But, you have to make sure that you are following a calorie deficit diet along with regular exercise. Kindly do not solely rely on the supplement for your weight loss journey.

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