How To Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast – Weight loss has become one of the biggest challenges since the start of the 20th century. The number of overweight people in the United States and all around the world has been increasing at a rapid pace.

Not just overweight people but obesity has become one of the biggest challenges for the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted data mentioning that by the year 2024-2025, 50% of the population of the United States will be obese. 

Obesity or being overweight is not a disease, and it can be managed with the right food along with physical activities. The problem which a lot of people face in the world with losing weight is the right knowledge.

Yes, people don’t have enough knowledge, and those who know don’t want to share it for free or post or at discounted prices. You can simply pick up your phone to search for how to lose weight fast, And there will be tons of different ideas with a simple base of eating in a calorie deficit manner. 

Today, we will talk about how to lose weight fast so that you don’t have to struggle anymore.

Basics of Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Before we start talking about how to lose weight fast, let’s take a look at all the basics of weight loss. Kindly read all the basic things very carefully as it can help you start losing weight or increase your pace.

Weight Gain

The human body gains weight in different ways. Those who work in intense physical labor can gain muscle mass as weight. On the other hand, people who are not physically active will gain fat.

There is a huge difference between gaining muscle and gaining fat. Fat gain is easy, and it can also bring several different diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

On the other hand, muscle gain is going to enhance your overall physical beauty. You will be much stronger than ever before, and your body will burn more calories. As a result, you will feel more confident and fit. 

To gain weight, in the form of muscle or fat, you have to eat in a calorie surplus manner. This means you have to eat more calories than you can burn in a day. 

If you are eating in a calorie surplus manner and you are doing regular exercise, you will gain muscle. Similarly, if you are eating in a calorie surplus manner and you are not doing regular exercise, then you will gain fat. 

In simple words, eat more, work out more.

How To Lose Weight Fast
How To Lose Weight Fast

Weight loss

Similar to weight gain, weight loss can also happen in different forms, including muscle loss, water loss, and fat loss. Weight loss and fat loss are two different things, and people always get confused between both of them.

When anyone talks about weight loss, they usually refer to fat loss. Our body organs, bones, and muscles have their weight, and We only want to focus on losing fat rather than muscle or any other weight.

Weight loss or fat loss happens when we eat in a calorie deficit manner which means we eat less than we spend in a day. For example, your daily calorie expenditure is around 1500 calories, and if you only eat 1300 calories, it means you are in a deficit of 200 calories.

If you are eating enough protein according to your needs, then your body will start losing fat, and your body weight will go down. Most fitness experts around the world suggest you go for fat loss rather than going for weight loss.

 In simple words, eat less, and work out more.

How to Lose Weight Fast in Simple Tips

Once you have learned about the basics of weight loss and weight gain now, it is time for you to learn about all the advanced and hidden tips and tricks to help you lose weight fast.

These hidden tips and tricks are only going to work best for those who already understand their tight-end work schedule.

For example, people who don’t even understand what macronutrients are (Carbs, Fats, and Protein) or why we prefer daily workouts might not be able to get the exact benefit we are trying to provide.

Eat More Protein

The best way to increase the speed of your weight loss is to eat more protein. Our food is made of fats, carbs, and protein. Most fitness lovers around the world are going to measure their food in the form of macronutrients. 

Whenever you eat carbohydrates or fat, it is going to store in your body if you are not burning it enough. On the other hand, protein is never going to be stored in your body. If your body doesn’t require the protein you have eaten in a day, it will come out of your body in the form of gas.

Walk More

Yes, even simple things like walking as much as possible can help you lose weight at a much faster pace. There is a huge misconception in the world that you won’t lose weight if you don’t work hard.

That saying is wrong. Yes, you have to work out and focus on your diet, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot use smart work and do more walking. Walking might be helping you to gain just 100 calories in a day, but at the end of the month, you might lose an extra 1 pound of body weight.

Another pro tip when you are trying to increase your walking for weight loss. If you have any hill nearby or you have a treadmill that can be elevated, use that.

Yes, you will burn more calories while you are trying to walk up the hill or you have set your treadmill at elevated levels.

Increase NEAT

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) Is also a great way to improve your weight loss speed. For example, you have a phone call for the next 30 to 40 minutes. It doesn’t mean that you have to take that phone call while you are sitting or lying on your couch.

You can simply pick up your phone and start working within the house, office, or outside. It will do two things for you: first, you will be able to complete your meeting, and you will do 30 minutes of walking. A lot of health experts around the world suggest every person increase their NEAT. 

If you have to sit on a chair and table for eight to 10 hours for your office work, you can adjust your table to a much higher height and stand up. It will increase your activity level, and you will lose weight at a much faster pace.

Cut Drinks

Another thing that can go in your favor and increase your weight loss speed is cutting all the sugary drinks you are drinking right now.

You might think that your Red Bull or monster drink is good and healthy for your overall body, but it is not. Drinks like Red Bull, Monster, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, and Limca contain sugar.

The best thing you can do is cut these drinks and increase your water consumption. When your body starts to lose fat, your fat cells are going to be filled with water for some time before completely bursting.

You cannot take the risk of not staying hydrated while you are on your weight loss.

Eat Slowly

Because we are trying to eat as little food as possible, the best thing you can do to suppress your appetite is to eat slowly. Our stomachs take a few minutes to understand how much we have eaten while we are eating.

People who are eating less food than they used to will have to finish eating even if they are hungry. The best thing to suppress your hunger levels is to eat slowly and give some time to your stomach.

Apart from that, eating slowly can help you psychologically because you have eaten too much food. Another thing you can do to increase your food is to add green vegetables. Salad vegetables like cucumber and cabbage can help you fill your stomach at a much faster pace with fewer calories.

Apart from that, these vegetables can also provide the fiber we are looking for. You will have better bowel movements, and you will stay energized all day.


Lastly, Do not compromise your sleep. Health experts around the world will suggest everyone sleep at least 6 to 7 hours a day. The poor sleep cycle is also one of the biggest reasons for weight gain.

Yes, it will provide very little value when it comes to weight loss or weight gain, but small things together make a large. Even scientific studies have proved that people who sleep less than seven hours a day are at 40% more risk of developing obesity.

How do you lose weight fast without working out?

If you don’t have any time to work out and you want to lose weight at the same time, then you can start with cleaning your diet. You cannot eat junk food and expect to lose weight without doing exercise. First of all, you should cut out fast food and packed food items from your diet. The next thing you can do is eat more protein and drink more water. If possible, then you can start walking.

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