Signs of High Blood Pressure

Signs of High Blood Pressure should not be ignored. It is one of the most common problems in the world. At the same time, it is also one of the deadliest. High blood pressure can cause several serious health issues. 

 If it is left unattended, it can cause the cardiovascular system to stop working. Apart from that, it can also block arteries, which are responsible for the blood flow to the brain, and eventually, it could lead to a stroke.

Every year the United States records more than three million positive cases of high blood pressure. Even though it is a very common problem in the United States, every American should be careful as it can cause several health-related issues.

Major Signs of High Blood Pressure

Before we proceed to anything else, let’s take a look at all the major signs of high blood pressure. If you ever experience any of these symptoms, then you should let your doctor know about them. 

Unattended high blood pressure levels can cause serious health issues, including stroke and heart failure. As soon as you see any signs of high blood pressure, call your doctor or 911.

Signs of High Blood Pressure
Signs of High Blood Pressure

Usually, people do not experience any kind of symptoms of high blood pressure levels. That is why it is called the silent killer. But once you reach the hypertension stage of high blood pressure, then you might experience a few symptoms.


A headache is one of the most common signs of high blood pressure, which has reached the hypertension level. Most people who experience hypertension levels of blood pressure complain about having headaches.

In most of the surveys where people experienced hypertension levels, the headache was one of the first signs they experienced. Apart from that, people will not be able to find the reason for the headache at first. Those who have experienced regular blood pressure levels might figure it out, but those people who have just started experiencing it might not be able to catch it.

Nausea And Vomiting

The second major sign of high blood pressure level is vomiting and nausea. Once your blood pressure gets to hypertension levels, you will start having vomit without anything. Usually, you won’t vomit with high blood pressure levels as you vomit, but it will be more like a feeling of the same.

While nausea Is also very common once you reach hypertension levels, at that stage, no medicine for nausea or vomiting is going to help you unless you try something to lower your blood pressure levels. 

If you are a patient with five blood pressure levels, then you should keep an eye on the feeling of vomit and nausea. If your vomit or nausea is not going away even after taking medicine, Then you should check your blood pressure levels. You will find them on higher levels.

Fatigue and Confusion

The next major sign of high blood pressure is fatigue and confusion. Once you start having high blood pressure levels, you will start feeling fatigued and confused suddenly. The whole thing can happen in just 20 or 30 minutes.

Once you start feeling fatigued and confused, it will be very hard for you to stand up or do something while sitting. You will feel like you should lay down and try to sleep. 

Vision Problems

As you are already aware, high blood pressure can cause problems related to the brain. In that list, it can also cause vision problems. Don’t worry. Vision problems caused by high blood pressure are usually temporary. As soon as you take care of your blood pressure levels, the vision problem will go away.

Generally, people have a blurry vision once they start experiencing high blood pressure levels. For many people, vision problems are one of the most classical signs of high blood pressure.

difficulty in Breathing

Difficulty in breathing is also possible when you start experiencing high blood pressure levels. Along with the difficult problem, you might experience an irregular heartbeat, which can make everything worse. 

At first, you might feel like you are not able to take a breath, but with focus, you will be able to breathe. In any situation like high blood pressure where you are having difficulty in breathing, Focus is the key to keeping breathing. You should not lose your focus. Otherwise, it may become a reason for a heart attack.

Pounding in Your Upper Body

Last but not least, classic signs of high blood pressure are pounding in your upper body, including the chest, neck, and ears. You might experience pounding in one body part or the whole upper body. It all depends on person to person.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Now let’s take a look at all the major causes of high blood pressure. If you know all the classic signs of high blood pressure, you need to understand the causes so that you can lower the possibility of having high blood pressure.


Obesity and extra body weight are one of the biggest causes of high blood pressure in Americans. Reported cases of obesity are increasing simultaneously, and the positive cases of high blood pressure are also increasing. In several studies, it has been concluded that obesity and extra body weight are directly linked with high blood pressure.


If your parents or grandparents used to have high blood pressure levels, you might likely get it in the future, or you already have it without knowing it. The genetics of a person also plays a huge role in whether someone has high blood pressure levels or not. For example, African American people are more vulnerable to high blood pressure levels.


Usually, people older than age 55 experience high blood pressure levels. More than 90% of people who have high blood pressure levels are in an advanced stage. If you are a person who is about to cross age 50, you should take care of your overall well-being and try to prevent high blood pressure for as long as possible.

Not Enough Exercise

Not having enough exercise can also cause high blood pressure levels. Usually, when we exercise, we elevate our blood pressure levels, and it allows our body to understand how it works. Apart from that, it also improves your cardiovascular. But when we don’t have enough exercise, our cardiovascular health goes down, and we become more vulnerable to high blood pressure.

High Sodium Food

Sodium is known to cause high blood pressure levels even in healthy individuals. So if your diet is full of sodium such as salt, then there is a high probability that you are about to get high blood pressure. You should also make sure you are not eating more junk food than you should.


Last but not least, smoking and drinking alcohol are directly related to high blood pressure levels. In a huge number of studies, it has been proven that smoking can elevate blood pressure levels, and it also makes our lungs harder to breathe in.

Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Now, let’s take a look at all the treatment options available for high blood pressure. 

Changes in Diet

 As soon as you get diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor might ask you to make a few changes in your diet, depending on what you are eating now. 

For example, if you are eating a high-fat diet with low salt, then your doctor might ask you to cut food that is higher in fat levels. As a start, you might be recommended to use skim or 1% milk rather than using full fat.

Apart from that, you will also be asked to use whole grain rice and pasta along with fresh vegetables and fruits. These food items are known to maintain blood pressure at healthy levels.

But if you are eating junk food that is high in salt, then the first thing you should do is cut everything which contains high levels of salt. For example, fried foods and regular salad dressings are very high in salt.

High Potassium

After taking a look at your medical history, your doctor might recommend you to approach dash night or die, which is high in potassium. Even though potassium has an opposite reaction to sodium but high potassium diet is not for everyone, and you should consult with your doctor if you are doing it.


First of all, doctors suggest everyone go with natural therapies such as dietary changes and the introduction of regular physical activity. But, even after these changes, you are not able to control your high blood pressure levels, so the doctor might recommend you to use regular medication.

Kindly remember that you should do everything you can to maintain your blood pressure levels using diet and exercise. Because once you start taking the medication, you might have to take it for your whole life.


What are the normal blood pressure levels?

The normal blood pressure levels are 120 / 80. Usually, people struggling with high blood pressure will have their blood pressure at 130 / 90. But, you should be very careful, and if you see any signs of high blood pressure levels, you should let your doctor know about it. You should not hesitate to call 911 and ask for medical assistance as soon as you see any signs of high blood pressure.

Can I prevent high blood pressure?

Yes, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. For example, you can start eating the right amount of food and lower your sodium intake. At the same time, you should start doing exercise regularly.

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