CVS Specialty Pharmacy

CVS Specialty Pharmacy – CVS pharmacy chain has become the backbone of pharmacies in the United States. They are one of the biggest pharmaceutical giants active in the United States. The latest data points have been suggesting that CVS pharmacies have more than 9900 locations throughout the nation, and they are also expanding at rapid speed.

Naturally, a multi-billion dollar company has different subsidiaries doing different work. You might have heard about one of their prominent subsidiaries, minute clinics. Anyone can visit a minute clinic and get medical assistance from a certified physician. Most services at minute clinics are going to be much cheaper as compared to regular doctors.

Today we are not here to talk about the minute clinic or any other subsidiary but CVS specialty pharmacy. Yes, you heard it right. We are here to discuss everything regarding CVS specialty pharmacy, starting from its basics to how you can easily locate it.

All about CVS Specialty Pharmacy

CVS specialty pharmacy is a unique service that provides pharmaceutical services to people who are struggling with complex and chronic diseases. As you might already be aware, there are very few people who are struggling with chronic or complex conditions in the country.

People who are struggling with conditions like arthritis, cancer, infertility, HIV, scoliosis, or any other rare genetic disorder will have to spend hundreds of dollars every month to get their medicines. At the same time, these medicines might not be available at every pharmacy throughout the nation.

To resolve their issues, CVS pharmacy came up with a unique idea to launch a service named CVS specialty pharmacy. People who are struggling with chronic or severe conditions can easily consult CVS specialty pharmacy and ask for their special medicines.

There are several benefits of opting for CVS specialty pharmacy over any other for people who are struggling with these chronic conditions. 

We all have normal CVS pharmacies nearby our neighborhoods, and with just one click, we can arrange our special medicine at any of those locations.

CVS Specialty Pharmacy
CVS Specialty Pharmacy

How to Locate CVS Specialty Pharmacy?

Once you have learned that there is a special type of pharmacy that only provides medicine for severe and chronic conditions, now you might be wondering how you can locate it.

Similar to regular pharmacies, CVS Health also provides a special tool that you can use to locate nearby CVS specialty pharmacies. You can use the below-given step-by-step tutorial to easily locate CVS specialty pharmacies near your neighborhoods.

  • First of all, you will have to click on the above even button to locate CVS specialty pharmacy.
  • The above-given button will directly take you to the official website of CVS specialty pharmacy and redirect you to the store locator tool.
  • As soon as you land on the CVS specialty pharmacy locator tool, it will ask you to enter your 5-digit area zip code, city name, state name, street address, or store number.
  • We highly suggest everyone go with the five-digit area zip code as it is going to provide more refined results.
  • At the same time, you can also filter out the results depending on the services you require. If you are looking for any immunization, you can also click on immunizations and later click on find a store.
  • Now, it will filter out all the results, which are going to include CVS specialty pharmacy along with the immunization service.

Apart from all that, you can also use inbuilt GPS features to find all the nearby locations. Due to security reasons, most people won’t suggest you use the inbuilt GPS feature as it can jeopardize your privacy. We also highly suggest everyone use the five-digit area zip code as it is more convenient and safe.

If you are not sure about your locality, then you can use my location and GPS feature. Make sure you understand your privacy leakage concerns. Pharmacy locators using that process are also very easy.

You just have to simply press on the use my location option on the pharmacy locator tool, and it will come up with all the nearby specialty pharmacies.

One of the best parts about the CVS pharmacy store locator tool is that it will provide you with complete information regarding that pharmacy. First of all, it will provide you with the complete name of the pharmacy along with the address.

At the same time, it will also tell you about the distance from your location to that pharmacy. Lastly, you can also find out the store number along with the pharmacy hours.

List of Services available at CVS Specialty Pharmacy

Before we move ahead and talk about anything else, let’s take a quick look at all the services available at CVS specialty pharmacy.

As its name suggests, CVS specialty pharmacy is only going to have services for people who are struggling with special diseases. People who are struggling with chronic conditions cannot buy their medicine from any pharmacy nearby their neighborhoods.

These medicines are known to be much more expensive and rare as compared to generic medicines. That is why specialties from seizures are doing a great job of helping people who are struggling with chronic and special conditions.


CVS specialty pharmacy is known to have a medicine for people who are struggling with any type of cancer. People who are struggling with bladder cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, or thyroid cancer can use a serious specialty pharmacy to get medicine for their condition. 

CVS specialty pharmacy is known to provide the best in class services at a faster speed than any other specialty pharmacy.

Other Conditions

People who are struggling with other severe diseases, including HIV, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, urea cycle disorder, and chronic kidney disease, can also get their Medicine at CVS specialty pharmacy. At the same time, medicine for diseases such as allergic asthma, Crohn’s disease, hepatitis C, immune disorders, infertility, and leukemia, is also going to be available at CVS specialty pharmacy.

Order online at CVS Specialty Pharmacy

Before we completely wrap our session up, let’s take a quick look at the process to easily order your special medicines using the official website of CVS specialty pharmacy. 

We are going to use the official website of CVS specialty pharmacy, and you will require one online account at the previous specialty pharmacy to order your prescriptions.

  • Simply click on the above-given button to reach the official website of CVS specialty pharmacy.
  • The above-given button will further redirect you to the sign-in Page, where you will have to enter your email address and password for your CVS specialty pharmacy account to log in.
  • If you are using the website for the very first time, then you can also use a similar web page to register yourself at CVS specialty pharmacy.
  • Once you have registered yourself now, it is time for you to upload the prescription.
  • CVS specialty pharmacy is not going to deliver any medicine if you do not have a prescription.
  • Once you have successfully signed up with a new account or used the credentials of your old CVS pharmacy account, you can refill your prescription by clicking on the above-given button.
  • Lastly, you might have to provide some information about your latest prescription.

Another good thing about a serious specialty pharmacy platform is that it will provide you alerts whenever you need a Refill. There is only one drawback of the CVS specialty pharmacy platform is that it won’t allow anyone to order without having a valid CVS specialty account.

CVS specialty pharmacies provide different options when it comes to the delivery of your medicine. You can ask CVS specialty pharmacy to deliver your prescription to your doorstep, or you can also pick it up from any of the nearby locations.

While you are requesting a refill, you can ask for a pick-up at your desired location. If you have a serious location nearby your neighborhood, then we highly recommend you use the pickup functionality of CVS pharmacy. It is going to cost less, and you will have more privacy. 

What is the price of medicine at CVS specialty pharmacy?

The price of any medicine at CVS specialty pharmacy is not fixed. The prices of medicine depend on the type of medicine you are looking for and the dosage. If you compare the pricing of CBS specialty pharmacy and other specialty pharmacies, you will find there is a huge difference as the savior specialty pharmacy prices are always going to be on the lowest side possible.

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