Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Treatments

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome treatments
– Alcohol is the most popular beverage in the world. You can find alcoholic beverages anywhere, and these drinks are not famous because they are delicious. The alcoholic effect of drinking alcoholic beverages makes it the most popular.

Alcohol comes with several drawbacks, and one of those drawbacks is that people can get hooked on alcohol. Once you get hooked on alcohol, it gets very hard for anyone to leave alcohol. Even if you try to leave alcohol, there are going to be some alcohol withdrawal side effects.

That is why there are rehabilitation centers. Today we will address this issue in depth. We will talk about everything related to an alcohol withdrawal syndrome and possible Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome treatments, including symptoms and side effects.

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome symptoms are going to depend on the person affected with it. A lot of things, including their body type, drinking habits, and age, affect the symptoms.

We have only handpicked a few common symptoms, which are going to be similar in everyone who is suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

1) Nausea and vomiting

If you are planning to leave alcohol, then get prepared for nausea and vomiting for some time. Most of the people who are suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome report back that they are having nausea and vomiting on a regular basis. Kindly do not start drinking again.

2) Fast heart rate

The second thing you might experience after leaving alcohol is that your heart will beat faster than ever before. It is a very common symptom of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. A huge number of studies have already proven that once you stop consuming alcohol, your body is going to use different methods to remind you of that. And one of those methods is fast heart rate.

3) Fatigue

Once you stop consuming the alcohol, then you are going to experience extreme fatigue. Due to all of that, you won’t be able to work, and your body will demand more rest. It is a very common symptom of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. If you are one of those, who have just stopped consuming alcohol and experiencing fatigue, kindly consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

4) Headaches

A huge number of people who are suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome have a complaint about having severe headaches. It is a very common symptom, and you can use over-the-counter medication to lower the symptoms of headaches.

5) Anxiety

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is known to cause anxiety. Apart from that, if you are already suffering from anxiety, it can worsen the symptoms. You should be very careful once you stop consuming alcohol and let your doctor know about it.

6) Sweating and insomnia

sweating and insomnia in alcohol withdrawal syndrome are very common. Technically these two are the first thing everyone is going to experience once they stop consuming alcohol. It is going to be very hard for you to sleep at night or sit anywhere without sweating as you have just bathed.

7) Nightmares

Even though it will be very hard for you to sleep due to alcohol withdrawal syndrome, if you somehow manage to sleep for some time, you will experience nightmares. 

Everyone who is suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome complained about having nightmares. Apart from that, you will also be hammered in the sleep center. You might sleep two or three hours a day only.

8) Confusion

As you are already aware, alcohol affects your mental health. Once you stop consuming alcohol, it starts creating several mental problems, and confusion is one of them. As soon as you stop consuming alcohol, you will find yourself in constant confusion, such as forgetting what you are doing.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Treatments
Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Treatments

Causes Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

The causes of alcohol withdrawal syndrome are very straightforward. When you consume a huge amount of alcohol on a regular basis for a longer period of time, it messes up your body, including your mental health.

Alcohol changes the brain chemistry due to chemical exposure. Your whole body, including your central nervous system, adjusts to having alcohol in the body.

Once you stop consuming alcohol, your body demands it because at this stage, your body will leave it as part of your body, and now it is missing.

Usually, doctors suggest everyone stop consuming alcohol over a period of time. You cannot suddenly stop consuming alcohol to reduce the amount of alcohol you are consuming. Both of these things are going to be very bad for your health.

Your body is going to retaliate, and as a result, you will experience several symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and sweating.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Treatments

Before we take a look at all the treatment options available to treat alcohol withdrawal syndrome, you must understand that the treatment is totally going to depend on the severity of the symptoms.

First of all, your doctor might perform a little diagnostic test. Your doctor will check if you have abnormal eye movements or abnormal heart rhythms. Apart from that, dehydration and fever levels are also an integral part of the diagnosis of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Once everything is in line, then your doctor will start the treatment.

Home care

Your doctor might suggest you stay home if you are suffering from mild symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. The doctor might ask you to have a friend or relative monitor your condition. Your friend or relative doesn’t have to do anything apart from calling 911 if your symptoms go out of hand.

Apart from that, your companion will also have to make sure you are attending your council appointments and regular doctor visits. You might have to get tested regularly for alcohol-related medical problems, even if you are treating yourself at home.


In some rare cases where symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome are not at hand, your doctor might suggest you get hospitalized as soon as possible in order to lower the symptoms. 

Your doctors suggest hospitalization because they want to monitor your condition and manage any complications. Most are not common, but in some cases, they can be necessary. It totally depends on the person.


In order to lower the symptoms of Alcohol withdrawal syndrome, your doctor suggests you take a few medications. Usually, doctors suggest taking sedatives, and these sedatives are Only available in generic form in the United States.

These medications also come with boxed warnings. As for the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, there are a few side effects of taking medication for alcohol withdrawal syndrome. You should consult with your doctor before taking any medication.

Apart from all that, your doctor might also suggest you take vitamin supplements. But it is going to be temporary. As soon as you are recovered from the syndrome, your doctor will suggest you stop taking them.



Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a very common thing among people who drink alcoholic beverages regularly. It is nothing but a protest of your body to provide alcohol as you were doing before.

After drinking an excessive amount of alcoholic beverages for a longer period of time, your central nervous system adapts to the new setting where it believes alcohol in the body is normal. Once you stop consuming alcohol, it demands its own way.

There are several symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal syndrome. For example, you can experience nausea and vomiting once you stop drinking alcohol. Apart from that, insomnia and sweating are also very common symptoms.

Diagnosis of alcohol withdrawal syndrome is very easy as your doctor performs a few simple tests to determine whether you have alcohol withdrawal syndrome or not. And as per the diagnosis, your doctor will suggest you get treatment for the same.

If you have mild symptoms, then your doctor will suggest you take home care. On the other hand, doctors allow hospitalization if a person is suffering from severe symptoms. 

Is there any way to prevent alcohol withdrawal syndrome?

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is not something you can catch while walking on the street. It is a result of excessive drinking for a longer period of time. The first thing you can do to prevent alcohol withdrawal syndrome is drink alcohol in a controlled manner. United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued a list of drinks that are safe to drink along with a limit. You should read that before consuming alcohol on a regular basis.

Can beer cause alcohol withdrawal syndrome?

Yes, excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages can cause alcohol withdrawal syndrome, even if it’s beer. You should make sure you are using non-alcoholic beer if you are trying to overcome alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

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