Antiviral For Covid – The whole world has been fighting COVID-19 for more than two years. Even after two years of fighting, we have not found any specific treatment that can help us treat people who are suffering from COVID-19.

Even though we have seen scientists and health experts experimenting with several kinds of medicine in order to treat people who are infected with COVID-19, we have not seen any medicine which is able to replicate the initial results.

Back in March 2022, US president Joe Biden announced the latest initiative named test to treat. As for the latest initiative, citizens of the United States can visit thousands of qualified pharmacy-based clinics and health centers across the country and get themselves tested for COVID-19.

If they find themselves positive for COVID-19, they can also receive antiviral for COVID on the spot. It’s a recent announcement, and a lot of people are getting confused with the whole concept of antiviral for COVID as it is not a 100% effective treatment option.

Today, we are going to talk about everything related to antivirals for COVID. The whole blog will give you more clarity regarding the current situation and treatment options. So let’s get started.

Do Antivirals for COVID-19 work?

Doctors have been suggesting antiviral pills for a handful of viruses since the 1960s. These pills can lower the intensity of symptoms and even shorten the course of illness. 

Yes, antiviral pills work for COVID-19 too. These bills suppress the ability of viruses to infect and multiply their cells which lowers the intensity of symptoms and shorten the illness time. At the same time, it also gives an ample amount of time to our body so that it can fight more effectively.

Apart from that, doctors can also suggest you take an antiviral pill in order to prevent the disease from progressing. For example, for people who are suffering from HIV and hepatitis C, who even show any symptoms and doctors will suggest they take antiviral pills for similar reasons.

A lot of scientists and health experts have been conducting studies on the effectiveness of the antiviral pill for COVID-19. Recently, Pfizer also launched the antivirus pill for COVID-19, which has been providing mixed results till now.

The situation regarding the effectiveness of antiviral pills for COVID will become clear in the upcoming days as independent organizations are also doing studies on a similar subject.

Available antiviral for COVID in the US

Now you might ask which antiviral pill for COVID is available in the United States. We are seeing fresh cases of COVID-19 in the form of April and the rise in May. The whole situation helped panic everyone in the country, and now people are preparing themselves for their treatment if they get infected with the virus in the future.


Paxlovid by Pfizer received the emergency use authorization back in December 2021 from the United States Food and Drug Administration. As per the press release by US FDA, Everyone above the age of 12 and weighing at least 40 with a positive result of COVID-19 is eligible to take Paxlovid.

We are not going to discuss the recent controversy regarding the effectiveness of Paxlovid by Pfizer. It is among the few medicines which have already received emergency use authorization from the United States Food and Drug Administration, and doctors are also recommending it despite the controversy of effectiveness.

The drug is available nearby every CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid pharmacy. In the single pack, it will contain 30 tablets, and you have to take those 30 tablets in five days. It is a full course, and as per the current rules and regulations released by US FDA, no one is allowed to take the second course.


Similar to antiviral pill development, Pfizer, Molnupiravir also received the approval of emergency use authorization by the United States Food and Drug administration Back in December 2021.

The drug has been manufactured by Merck Sharp and Dohme. It is another safe and effective medicine in order to treat people who are suffering from mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19, and they are also at a high risk of severe illness.

Antiviral For Covid
Antiviral For Covid

Eligibility to receive antiviral pills for COVID

Now, you probably are wondering what the eligibility is to receive the antiviral pill for COVID. The Food and Drug Administration has set eligibility to receive any antiviral pill for COVID.

  • First of all, you must test positive in order to receive antiviral for COVID.
  • You must have mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19, and you are at risk of developing severe symptoms.
  • Your symptoms must have started within five or fewer days.

At the same time, people who are asymptomatic or people who have symptoms but are not at higher risk of developing severe symptoms are not eligible to receive antivirals for COVID.

At first glance, it might seem like tough criteria to receive antiviral for COVID, but currently, it is covering a lot of people. For example, everyone above the age of 60 or 65 is covered under a higher risk of developing severe symptoms.

At the same time, people who are suffering from severe health conditions, including heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes, are also covered under a Higher risk of developing severe symptoms.

Where can I buy an antiviral for COVID?

In order to receive antiviral for COVID, you must test positive with the PCR or rapid test. Those people who get tested at authorized locations can also get COVID antiviral prescriptions filled on the spot.

Those Who get tested for the team at different locations might have to schedule an online or in-person visit with a provider. Currently, antivirals for COVID are available in most pharmacies across the United States. You can check any nearby CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid pharmacy for the same.

Most of the COVID-19 antiviral pills are free of charge in the United States. The federal government can change the rules and regulations regarding antivirals for COVID in the future, but as per the current situation, anyone can get it free of cost. 

Side effects of antiviral for COVID

There is a probability that you might experience a few common side effects of taking antiviral for COVID. Even the documents released by the United States Food and Drug administration related to Pfizer antiviral for COVID mentioned a few common side effects of taking medicine.

Once you experience diarrhea and muscle pain which are the most common symptoms or side effects of taking medicine, at the same time, you might also experience a new loss of taste which is very Confusing as it is also among the common symptoms of COVID 19.

People who are suffering from kidney or liver diseases might require different doses than people who are either normal or suffering from other diseases. A few doctors also do not recommend Pfizer antiviral for COVID to people who are suffering from liver diseases.

You should also be very careful while mixing it up with any medication, including your painkillers and vitamins. You should always consult with your doctor regarding mixing your medication as it can cause life-threatening conditions.

Molnupiravir Is not recommended for people under the age of 18. Even though it does not contain any severe side effects, it may affect bone and cartilage growth in people who are below the age of 18 and still growing.

If you are pregnant, or you were trying to get pregnant before you get infected with COVID-19, then you should get yourself a pregnancy test as the drug is known to cause harm to the fetus. You should avoid this drug at any cost if you are pregnant.


Till now, scientists have not found any effective treatment for COVID despite their hard work over the last 2 years. Using a mask and vaccination has been counted as the most effective way to contain the spread, but the exact treatment is not available yet.

The United States Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization for two drugs for COVID 19. Both drugs are known as antiviral for COVID. 

Even though they were issued the authorization back in December 2021 but as the new cases of COVID are rising in the United States, the people are preparing themselves with the latest developments in the treatment options.

As for the current eligibility criteria, you must be at least 12 years old and weighing around 40 kilograms or to receive antiviral for COVID. At the same time, you must be having mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19, and you are on the edge of developing severe symptoms in the future. 

Should I take a vaccine or antiviral for covid?

The vaccine and antiviral for COVID are two different treatment options. Vaccines can help you not get infected, but they cannot treat you if you get infected. On the other hand, antiviral for covid can help you treat COVID-19, but they can help you prevent getting infected.

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