Shoppers Drug Mart Covid Testing
Shoppers Drug Mart Covid Testing

Shoppers Drug Mart Covid Testing

Shoppers Drug Mart COVID Testing – You may have heard that COVID tests are available at Shoppers Drug Mart. Yes, it is correct. This is a positive idea. With COVID-19 cases on the increase once again, Canadians want more options for quick testing (if you need help with rapid testing, contact us today).

COVID-19 tests are available at participating Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Alberta and Ontario. However, the service is only available to those who satisfy the requirements. The following are examples of test types:

  • Fast Antigen testing 
  • RT-PCR testing for COVID-19
  • PCR tests for viral infections

Shoppers Drug Mart is a network of drug stores in Canada. Covid Testing – The world was impacted hard by the spread of the new coronavirus, including Canada and other Western countries. After much trial and error, doctors have come to the conclusion that frequent COVID testing, immunization, and social distancing are the best ways to keep the virus away.

People will not be able to fight diseases if they are locked down or restricted from moving. That is why the Canadian government recently attempted to make vaccination compulsory for all anyone returning to or leaving Canada by land, air, or water.

The recent trucker protest in Canada’s capital city prompted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to consider options to make vaccinations obligatory for all border crossers. Experts have recommended additional testing rather than making COVID vaccine mandatory since the beginning. There are several options for being tested in Canada, one of which is COVID testing at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Types of Shoppers Drug Mart COVID Testing

There are four different forms of COVID testing available, according to Shoppers Drug Mart’s official website. From a free quick antigen test to COVID-19 rapid antigen screening, COVID-19 PCR testing, and COVID-19 public PCR testing.

You could think they are two examinations with four categories at first look, which is correct, but they all have a purpose and specific task. Let’s have a look at them all.

  • Free Rapid Antigen Kit

Many Canadian provinces provide free quick antigen test kits to all of their residents. Shoppers Drug Mart is a partner in distributing free antigen quick test kits offered by the government to all people who meet the criteria. In Ontario, for example, each family is entitled to one box of five tests every week. You’ll get 20 exams in a month if you do it this way. All of these kits will be entirely free to download and use. Neither the province nor Shoppers Drug Mart will charge you anything.

  • Paid Rapid Antigen Screening

Apart from the free fast intelligence kit, Shoppers Drug Mart also provides a COVID-19 rapid antigen screening facility where you can have yourself checked for just 40 Canadian dollars each screening.

The results can be used for travel and other purposes. Within 15–20 minutes following your test, you will receive the results of your paid quick antigen screening.

  • For Travel, PCR Testing

You may need a PCR test report before boarding your airline if you are going overseas as required by law. PCR COVID testing is available at Shoppers Drug Mart for $150 Canadian dollars and is valid in Texas.

Please keep in mind that quick antigen screening is not valid for foreign travel. You’ll need the results of a PCR test. Shoppers Drug Mart will give you the results of your PCR test within 48 hours after taking it.

  • Free PCR Test

In addition to field testing, Shoppers Drug Mart offers a free PCR test. You must verify your qualifying requirements to see whether or not you are qualified for free testing.

Many groups, including pregnant women, police, paramedics, firemen, and essential care workers, can make use of Shoppers Drug Mart’s free PCR testing at any time.

Pickup free Antigen Test Kits

As you may be aware, Shoppers Drug Mart provides free antigen kits to all eligible persons in Canada in collaboration with the Canadian government and provincial governments.

However, you must collect those kits on your own. Neither the provincial government nor Shoppers Drug Mart has this information.

Only if you are qualified and depending on the availability of kits at the pharmacy store, you must go to a nearby Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up those free kits.

You can go straight to Shoppers Drug Mart’s official website.

After clicking the above-mentioned option, you will be prompted to provide your entire address, postal code, or shop number in order to verify availability. We recommend that you input the postal code of your home address, and it will provide a list of neighbouring retailers.

Shoppers Drug Mart1

As you may be familiar with, in addition to the free distribution of antigen kits, Shoppers Drug Mart now offers paid antigen screening for only $40 Canadian per screening.

You may get to Shoppers Drug Mart’s official scheduling website by clicking on the button below. Despite the fact that this is a paid Shoppers Drug Mart COVID test, there are still qualifying requirements that you should review before scheduling an appointment.

  • For example, if you have had contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or symptoms during the last 14 days, you are eligible to get tested.
  • Second, if you have not been recommended to isolate yourself in the previous 14 days in accordance with federal quarantine regulations.
  • Also, keep in mind that a negative test result does not rule out the possibility of COVID 19 infection. Aside from that, you should contact public health as soon as possible if your screening result is positive.

COVID PCR Test at a Cost for Traveling

Shoppers Before travelling overseas, you may have yourself tested with PCR at Drug Mart. The majority of nations around the globe have already established COVID PCR test recommendations.

A PCR test will set you back $150 plus applicable taxes at Shoppers Drug Mart. Aside from that, you’ll have your results within 48 hours after taking the sample.

Please use the icon above to go to the official Shoppers Drug Mart COVID testing booking website. Before making an appointment, they will ask you to complete a form on the page.

  • If you have any symptoms associated with COVID-19, you will be questioned.
  • Your complete name and mailing address
  • Your nationality and gender
  • Purpose of the test
  • Your chosen payment method

Free COVID PCR Testing

Shoppers Drug Mart also offers a facility where you can have yourself tested for free, and the test will be PCR, thanks to cooperation with the Canadian federal and provincial governments.

The fixed requirements are determined by the province in which you live and the most recent laws. You are entitled to a free COVID PCR test under provincial legislation.

For instance, if you are pregnant or have any COVID-19-related symptoms such as cough, fever, loss of smell or taste, etc. Aside from that, any temporary foreign employees, homeless persons, and first responders to any type of emergency are also entitled to a free HIV test.

To access the official Shoppers Drug Mart COVID testing page, please click on the button above and pick the free PCR testing option.

It will now ask you to submit a few personal facts, and if those details meet any eligibility requirements, you will be able to schedule an appointment.


And currently, getting Shoppers Drug Mart cover testing is really simple and free. Drug Mart has four distinct sorts of testing on their official website Shoppers.

Every week, you can acquire free antigen home COVID test kits, but you must go pick them up. You are entitled to one kit every week, containing five tests, as per the regulations.

They also provide paid antigen and PCR testing for foreign travel and general purposes. Shoppers Drug Mart also offers free PCR testing in collaboration with the Canadian federal and provincial governments, but only to those who are eligible. If you’re looking to acquire fast testing to safeguard your workplace against the spread of COVID-19, contact Shoppers Drug Mart immediately.


How can I find a Shoppers Drug Mart location where I can get COVID testing?

Go to Shoppers Drug Mart’s official website and look for the COVID testing area. Once you’ve arrived at a COVID testing location, choose the exam you wish to take and then click on neighbouring retailers. On Shoppers Drug Mart’s official website, you may find both paid and free COVID testing.

What are the lowest charges for COVID testing at Shoppers Drug Mart?

COVID testing at Shoppers Drug Mart ranges from $0.00 to $150. The cost of a test is determined by the sort of exam you wish to take. You will not be charged anything if you are qualified for free testing, for example. If you are not qualified for retesting, you will be charged $40 for an antigen test and $150 for PCR testing.

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