How Long After Covid Can You Get The Booster – For the effectiveness of the vaccine for COVID and its booster shots, you must follow all the guidelines. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention keep updating its guidelines related to COVID vaccination to help people achieve the highest levels of antibodies.

Soon after the president of the United States tested positive for the virus, there was a huge spike in people creating appointments for COVID testing and their vaccination, including booster shots.

It was a natural reaction of Americans as the president is the most important person in that country, and he was infected with the virus. To Joe Biden, a lot of people in the country have tested positive in the 6th wave.

Public Health Organization coding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already mentioned in several statements and guidelines that Dale is a probability that you might get infected even if you have recovered from the infection. That is why a lot of people are looking for how long after COVID they can get the booster shot of the COVID vaccine. It is also our two days topic of discussion, so let’s get started.

What does the CDC Say?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidelines on every topic related to public health. Since the start of COVID-19, they have released a huge number of guidelines and updates regarding the virus.

As per the CDC, you should wait at least four months between the first and second booster shot of the COVID vaccine. On the other hand, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also suggests that you should wait at least five months between the final dose of the primary series and the first booster shot of the COVID vaccine.

The above-given timeline is just for people who have not tested positive for the virus. If a person has tested positive for the virus, then the Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that you should wait three months from where your symptoms started until you receive the positive test report.

But, the interesting part about that suggestion is that pharmacies and other vaccine sites are not following that three-month rule as it is just a suggestion.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned that in a frequently asked question as a suggestion, but you are open to getting vaccinated anytime you want.

What do Pharmacies Say?

Whenever you go to the official website of any pharmaceutical company providing COVID booster shots, you will see that they have specific criteria.

If you check the website of Walgreens pharmacy or CVS pharmacy, they ask you to wait at least 14 days in case you get tested positive for the virus, or you start developing symptoms similar to COVID-19.

Even most health experts around the world will suggest you wait at least some days to get yourself any vaccine, including booster shots. The recovery from the virus is going to help you create some antibodies for further protection, and booster shots can enhance the number of those antibodies.

The 14-day time period might not be enough in some countries to get any vaccine related to COVID-19, but in the United States, it is enough and has been accepted by the federal government of the United States.

How Long After Covid Can You Get The Booster
How Long After Covid Can You Get The Booster

Why Should You Get a Booster Shot?

Another question that might pop into your mind once you successfully recover from the virus is why you should be getting vaccinated or booster shots. Isn’t recovering from COVID going to create antibodies?

Yes, your concern is completely true, and whenever a person makes a successful recovery from COVID-19, they are going to develop antibodies, Which are capable of protecting you in the future.

The problem with those antibodies is that most health experts around the world do not say anything about the timeline and validity of those antibodies. Health experts like doctor Englund have said multiple times that we don’t know how long your immunity will last once you have successfully recovered from COVID-19.

Another thing that is very important for you to understand is that vaccines are going to increase the number of antibodies in your body. Even if you start developing antibodies related to COVID-19 on your own, it is always going to be a wise decision to enhance it with the vaccine and its booster shots.

What does the doctor say about it?

Kristin Englund is an MD at Cleveland Clinic, And she recommended that you should get vaccinated or receive the booster shots as soon as you are out of your quarantine. 

You should follow all the rules and regulations regarding quarantine suggested by the Centers for Disease control and prevention. As soon as you end that quarantine, you should get yourself vaccinated.

  • After spending 24 hours fever free without any fever-reducing medicine.
  • After five days, if you do not have any symptoms whatsoever.
  • After five days, if your symptoms are getting better each day.

She further mentioned that people who have received monoclonal antibodies must wait around 90 days after recovering from COVID-19 to receive their vaccine or booster shots as per the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.

Lastly, she mentioned that there is a lot to learn regarding the vaccine and its effects on people. We will get more data in the future as there are several studies happening on similar topics. As a precautionary measure, you should wait more than two weeks to get yourself vaccinated or receive the booster shot of the vaccine.

Previously everyone thought that people could not get covered more than once if they had successfully recovered once. But, the whole situation was reversed when we saw a huge spike in people getting positive results even after making a successful recovery from the virus. That is why we cannot neglect the importance of vaccines.

Can I get a booster shot as a treatment for COVID 19 infection?

No, vaccines or booster shots for COVID-19 are not the treatment for the infection. It is a precaution, and you should take it before getting infected with the virus. If you want to get the booster shot, then you should wait at least 14 days from the day you start getting symptoms related to the virus.

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