COVID QLD Update – COVID-19 is not going anywhere, as the cases of the virus are once again rising in Australia. Similar to other developed nations around the world, the Australian government is also trying to create a plan to live with COVID.

The governments in the country are also trying to cover up the damage that happened in the country during the first few waves and lockdowns due to COVID-19. Let’s take a deep dive into the financials and how the country is doing overall, but we will discuss everything you should know about COVID-19 in QLD.

We have a population of 5.1 million, and the cases of COVID-19 are once again rising in the state. The government of Queensland is among the most active governments in the world, and they are trying everything in their hands to help the citizens to ensure their safety.

Statistics of COVID-19 in QLD

Before we move ahead and discuss anything else regarding the COVID QLD update, let’s take a look at the basic statistics of the virus.

Still, now, QLD has recorded around 1,683,096 Positive cases of the virus, and in the last seven days, we have also recorded 10,106 cases of COVID-19. At the same time, 91.6% of citizens in Queensland have been fully vaccinated with both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The government is further trying to increase the vaccination number as it is among the most important parts of the COVID protocol. There part with some debates happening in the country around the effectiveness of these COVID vaccines come, but they are much more capable of preventing Severe infection and hospitalization. 

Latest COVID QLD update

The government of Queensland is among the most active governments in the world when it comes to infection of COVID-19 and public safety.

Prevention is better than cure, and the Queensland government is trying everything in their hand to prevent the infection in the first place. That is why the Queensland government is updating its COVID guidelines regularly to help the citizens.

Current traffic light alert level

 Queensland is under Amber colour traffic light level.

A few months ago, the government of Queensland introduced a traffic light system with three colours to help the citizens learn about the risk of COVID-19 in their neighbourhoods. These three light levels are going to be red, amber and green.

Green light means that there are very low rates of community transmission, and people do not have to follow COVID protocol. Greenlight also means it is safe to live as you normally do.

  • The government suggests everyone stay home wherever they are sick.
  • Regardless of traffic lights, everyone should stay updated with the COVID vaccines.
  • Always follow good hygiene practices.
  • Whenever you are in doubt, take a rapid antigen test.
  • Always wear a mask whenever you are in enclosed public places.

If the light is green and you get infected with COVID-19, you should register yourself to get yourself tested for a rapid antigen test period. At the same time, you should also stay at home till you are good again. You can also wear a mask for at least seven days once you have tested positive for COVID-19. Kindly stay in isolation and try to avoid your own family as well. OK

Amber lights are like yellow lights in traffic signals. It means that your neighbourhood has cases of COVID-19, but they are not rising at rapid speed. It is also a signal of a new wave or the ending of the wave.

  • During this time, the government suggests everyone wear a mask whenever they are in indoor places and use public transport.
  • At the same time, you should also wear a mask wherever you are not able to maintain social distancing in public places.
  • Keep using masks if you are around people who are more vulnerable to getting infected with COVID-19.
  • People who are older or have been declared as immune-compromised should stay careful and keep their distance from anyone who is developing symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Despite your vaccination status, everyone is suggested to stay in isolation and wear masks for at least seven days once they get tested positive for COVID-19. COVID vaccines are not known to provide 100% protection against the virus. You should follow COVID protocols.


Red alert is the highest level of alert in Queensland. It means that the rate of infection is at its highest end, and Queensland has already entered the COVID wave.

  • If the government has announced that it is a red alert, it means that everyone should wear masks whenever they are in public places despite their social distance.
  • Another thing you should keep in mind is that you should never remove your mask while you are on public transport. At the same time, you can also use hand sanitiser.
  • Kindly do not use public transport or visit any public, If you are in the high-risk category.

Despite your vaccination status, everyone should test themselves regularly with rapid antigen tests. People who are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19 are suggested to stay at home for at least seven days.

General COVID-19 Guidelines

Along with the traffic light level, the government of Queensland also updated its COVID guidelines regularly.

  • As per current partner guidelines, the government has removed the guidelines associated with using face masks.
  • From now on, the government won’t force you to wear a mask, but you can wear one if you are in a high-risk category or you believe you have any symptoms associated with the virus.
  • Another thing that has changed in Queensland is the decision to mandate vaccines for workers period from now on, the owner or the operator of the business will decide whether its workers should get the vaccine or not.
  • Now, the government won’t force you to stay in isolation, but you are suggested to stay in isolation if you have tested positive for a virus or you have any symptoms associated with the infection.

Recently, The government of Queensland has introduced a traffic light system to help all the queen lenders in the area to understand the risk of infection in their state.

The government revoked the public health emergency on 31st October 2022, and no one will be forced to follow the guidelines.

If you Tested Positive

The government of Queensland is making a lot of changes in its COVID policy, and as per the latest guidelines, if you feel sick or you believe you have been infected with the virus, then you should stay at home and get yourself tested with a rapid antigen test as soon as possible.

People who require any support with poor guidelines are suggested to call 1800 020 080. If you require a translator and can not understand English, then you can press 8 as it will directly take you to the translator Options.

People who have tested positive are suggested to stay at home for at least seven days from the day they start developing symptoms or receive the results of their COVID test.

Update on COVID Vaccines

The government of Queensland has not changed its stance on the use of COVID vaccine. Everyone is advised to get themselves vaccinated with COVID vaccines as early as possible, and there are four different vaccine manufacturers approved by the Australian government.

Queenslanders have the choice to get themselves vaccinated with the Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax or AstraZeneca COVID vaccine. The government does not favour any COVID vaccine manufacturer, and the decision to get vaccinated is left to the public.

COVID Testing in QLD

Before we completely wrap our session up, let’s take a quick look at all the ways you can get yourself tested for COVID-19 in Queensland.

Back in August 2022, the government of Queensland announced that they were going to provide free rapid antigen tests at Queensland health RT distribution points if a person holds a Commonwealth concession card.

At the same time, these rapid free tests will also be available for people who are seeking asylum in Queensland and have recently arrived from Ukraine.

If you do not fall in the above-given eligibility criteria, then you will have to spend your own money to get yourself tested for COVID-19.

What are the latest COVID QLD updates?

As per the latest COVID QLD updates, the government of Queensland have revoked public health directions, and everyone is free to follow COVID guidelines on their Wish. At the same time, the government has also introduced a new traffic light system which will help you understand the situation of COVID in Queensland. It is going to be an A3 coloured system similar to traffic lights.

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