Flu A vs Flu B

Flu a vs Flu b – Flu cases are rising in the United States like never before. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on 22nd November 2022 and mentioned that the United States has already recorded around 4.4 million cases of flu, and by the end of the season, we are expecting it to touch the 10 million mark.

One of the major reasons behind the sharp rise in flu cases is that people have dropped the idea of being safe from any virus. We recently saw a huge trend against the use of COVID protocol which was meant to ensure the safety of the general public.

As the flu cases are going to peak in the upcoming weeks, it is your responsibility to ensure your safety against the deadly virus. The best way to ensure your safety against the virus is to learn as much as possible. That is why today we are here to help you with the flu A vs flu B. Yes, there are different types of fluids, and you should learn about both of them.

Comparison of Flu A vs Flu B

Technically speaking, there are four different types of flu viruses. These types have been categorized with the first four letters of the alphabet. The first two types, known as type A and type B flu viruses, are known to cause human influenza during the winter season.

In the United States, we experience seasonal epidemics almost every winter, and it causes thousands of deaths each year.

Before we discuss the major comparison between flu A and flu B, let me remind you that the influenza C virus is not known to cause epidemics. People who get infected with influenza see the virus get better within a few days on its own.

On the other hand, the influenza D virus is primarily known to affect cattle and other animals. Influenza D virus is not known to cause illness in the general public.

Major differences

Healthcare experts believe that the influenza A virus is much more severe as compared to influenza B. Influenza A viruses are known to cause the most harmful and severe diseases. World Famous H1N1, H2N2, H3N2, and H5N1 Viruses are also a part of influenza A viruses.

On the other hand, influenza B viruses are not known to cause severe illness and death. These viruses exclusively infect humans, and they are less common than its counterpart. Influenza type B viruses are also not known to cause pandemics, and people get better from the effects within a few days.

Flu A vs Flu B
Flu A vs Flu B

Symptoms of Flu A vs Flu B

Before we move ahead, let’s take a quick look at the symptoms of influenza type A and type B. Even if you compare the symptoms of influenza type A and type B, You might not be able to find major differences.

A huge number of symptoms associated with both viruses are common, and without keen observation or medical tests, you might not be able to diagnose yourself.

  • Cough
  • Running nose 
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Sore throat
  • Sneezing
  • Muscle pain
  • Body pain

All of the above-given symptoms are the most common symptoms of the flu, and they are common in both types of viruses. In both cases, healthcare experts will suggest you rest as much as possible once you have been infected with the virus.

The best part about these viruses is that you can get better without even any medicine or medical assistance. We also suggest everyone focus on recovery with rest and diet. Yeah

People who are at risk of developing severe symptoms are usually suggested to consult an infectious with their health care provider.

How long does the flu last?

Once you have understood the basic difference between type A and type B of influenza common now it is time for you to learn about the whole time frame of the infection. 

You might have heard about influenza getting better on its own, but the major question is going to be the same. Similar to any other virus-borne infection, there are different stages of the infection, and you should learn about all these stages.

The first stage of the influenza virus is going to be the incubation period. The incubation period of any virus is the time between a person getting exposed to the virus and the start of the symptoms.

The incubation period of flu infection is around one to four days. Most people are going to develop symptoms of influenza after the second to the third day of exposure. You should be very careful till the 5th day of your exposure to the virus.

The second stage of the influenza virus is the symptoms. Most people will struggle with the disease for between five to seven days, and the symptoms will get better after the 5th day.

You are going to be that contagious throughout the whole period, and you should be very careful whenever you are around people who are more vulnerable to developing severe symptoms of the virus.

You should follow social distancing and other protocols till the 7th day of the start of your symptoms. Most people are going to get better and virus free within five to seven days.

Treatment of flu A and flu B

Before we move ahead and talk about anything else regarding the influenza virus, now it is time for us to discuss the treatment options available for influenza.

Most health experts in the world, including the Centers for Disease control and prevention, will suggest everyone go home and take some rest. 

Yes, most people won’t even require any medicine or medical assistance to recover from the symptoms of influenza. The combination of good rest and diet can help you recover within a few days.

If you are not able to bear the intensity of your symptoms or your symptoms are getting worse each day, then your healthcare expert might suggest you take some antiviral drugs.

These antiviral drugs are known to shorten the time frame of influenza along with the intensity. You usually get better within two days of taking these antiviral drugs, and they should be taken under the supervision of your healthcare provider. 

Kindly do not take any over-the-counter antiviral drugs, as they can worsen the condition. Even if you are taking medicine from your healthcare provider, you should make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids and taking at least 10 to 12 hours of rest.

Kindly try to avoid driving and operating heavy machinery. 

Get Vaccinated with Flu Shots

Before we completely wrap our session up, let’s take a quick look at all the places you can get yourself vaccinated with flu shots.

The cases of flu are once again rising in the United States at rapid speed, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been suggesting everyone get themselves vaccinated with these shots as early as possible.

Unlike the COVID vaccine, flu shots are not available for free of cost in the United States, and pharmacies in the country are charging between 30 to $50 for each shot of flu vaccine.

You might be able to find some organizations or places that are offering free flu shots to that movement, but most people will have to spend around $50 to get themselves vaccinated with flu shots.

We highly recommend everyone use the official website of centralized databases to find all the flu vaccination sites nearby their neighborhoods.

You can simply click on the above event button to reach the official website of the centralized database. As soon as you reach the official website of the database, it will ask you to select the type of flu shot and enter your 5-digit area zip code.

The combination of both things will help you refine the results depending on your area and the type of vaccine you are looking for.

Latest Updates from CDC

Even before the spread of 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been suggesting every American get vaccinated with flu shots as early as possible.

The federal government of the United States knew about the less interest of the general public in flu shots and other vaccines. That is why CDC has been suggesting everyone get vaccinated with flu shots as early as possible.

At the same time, you can also follow all guidelines mentioned in the COVID protocol. The United States did not record many cases of flu in the last two seasons as people were following COVID protocol which is known to provide greater protection for any virus, not just COVID-19.

Which is the best treatment option for flu infection?

Most health experts in the world suggest everyone who has been infected with the influenza virus rest as much as possible. If your symptoms are not getting better even after two days or they are getting worse, then you can consult with your healthcare provider and get antivirals.

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