China COVID Restrictions – Every country in the world has been struggling with COVID-19, whether it’s from Asia or Europe. In the last 2 ½ years, the life of every person on this earth has changed forever. Now people are way more skeptical of getting diseases than ever before.

Similar to every other country in the world, China is also struggling with the spread of COVID-19. The latest China COVID restrictions have proved that the communist country is also vulnerable to the virus. A lot of experts are claiming that the current situation in China is much worse as compared to a few years back when the virus first originated in Wuhan.

Their claims are somewhat true as the country is going through the worst situation they have ever seen. First, Shanghai was severely down due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. After that, a similar situation happened in Beijing, the capital city of China. And now the whole country is seeing restrictions.

Experts around the world have already expressed their disappointment toward the Chinese government and local authorities. The food and medicine crisis during the Shanghai and Beijing lockdowns disappointed every expert in the world. We saw a huge number of cities complaining of a shortage of food and other necessary items. Now, the situation has become nationwide.

China Travel Restrictions

A few days ago, the Chinese administration announced that they were going to impose even stricter instructions on non-essential international travel. The decision came after the government announced that they were going to strictly enforce the zero COVID policy.

On Thursday, the Chinese national immigration administration announced that they are going to toughen the review process of issuing any kind of new travel documents, including passports, and they are also going to limit those who are looking to leave the country during tough situations.

Further, they mentioned that travel is going to be permitted for essential purposes only. They have included resuming work, study, business, scientific research, and seeking medical care for the essential purpose.

As to the Chinese national immigration administration, travel is a risk, and it is necessary to reduce the risk of infection when leaving the country and carrying the virus when entering the country. 

Experts believe that the latest rules of travel in China are the most stripped in decades. The latest announcement is going to do nothing but put more pressure and strain on the population that has already been suffering for more than two years.

As per the experts, the authorities are imposing restrictions because more and more people are looking to escape as the government is enforcing lockdowns more strictly. The strict lockdown in the capital city Beijing and Shanghai, has put pressure on residents to look for different opportunities.

Lockdowns in China

In the past few months, the Chinese have seen more than ever before. As per one data point, more than 220 million people in the country are under strict lockdown restrictions.

Apart from that, more than 30 cities across China are either under full lockdown or partial lockdown, which is impacting more than 200 million people. It is not that they see a huge outbreak of COVID-19. Chinese authorities have imposed down over just a handful of cases.

The world media has been claiming it as propaganda of Chinese authorities related to lockdowns over the spread of COVID-19. A few days back, Chinese authorities imposed a lockdown in huge areas of Shanghai and Beijing when a few school students were found positive for COVID-19. 

Shanghai in China is among the wealthy financial hubs, and the city has been under lockdown since late March 2022. It’s been nearly two months, and the residents of the city are not seeing any hope of free movement.

During that time, the residents spoke of food shortages and restricted supply of medicine. Apart from all that, community workers have been entering the home of people without permission, and they damaged their belongings during the disinfection.

China Covid Restrictions
China Covid Restrictions

Rumors of Beijing

As the cases of COVID-19 are rising in the capital city of China, people are in fear of getting treated like Shanghai residents a few months back.

For the last few days, the residents of Beijing have been doing panic buying under the fear of a strict lockdown in the upcoming days, but the authorities have been denying any allegation or upcoming plan of lockdown similar to Shanghai.

Even though the daily cases of COVID-19 have remained in the dozens in Beijing, which is just a tiny fraction of the outbreak in Shanghai, people are in fear of lockdowns.

The authorities have been tightening the norms in the Chinese capital, as did recently suspended taxi service in some virus-hit districts. As soon as the news hit the market, we saw huge lines of residents in the supermarkets.

The local authorities have been urging every resident not to hoard food, as there is not going to be any shortage.

As per the experts, the reaction is pretty obvious as the local authorities have been tightening the loans each day, and they have recently banned dining services at restaurants, malls, entertainment, and tourist venues.

Apart from that, they have also suspended sections of its bus and subway system. The whole situation is creating panic in the residents as the local authorities have imposed lockdowns on some residential buildings.

Nobody is listening to the news conference of officials, and they are busy hoarding food and other necessary supplies. The latest travel ban has become the final nail in the coffin, which triggered the hoarding of food and other necessary supplies by the Beijing residents.

Can I travel to China during tough China COVID restrictions?

Yes, it is possible to visit China even during tough China COVID restrictions. Even though the Chinese authorities have made it tough to travel to China during the COVID outbreak in the capital city and the wealthy city, Shanghai, there are still ways you can use to travel in China. The flights are limited and expensive at the same time. Once you reach Chinese land, you have to face a strict quarantine of up to 21 days.

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