China Covid Cases

China Covid Cases – China was the world’s first country to detect COVID-19. Back in November 2019, citizens of Wuhan, One of the most popular provinces in China, started reporting flu-like symptoms in bulk. First of all, authorities thought that people were struggling with some wave of the flu virus, but later they figured out that it was a new virus.

Since the very first day, Chinese authorities have been doing everything in their hand to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible. The Chinese are doing completely the opposite as compared to any other country in the world. Most countries around the world are planning to live with COVID, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

On the other hand, the Chinese are not in a move to surrender against the virus. That is why the Chinese also adopted a 0 COVID policy, and they are trying to contain the positive cases of COVID-19 in their country. We can see it in China’s COVID case data.

That data can be wrong, but they have been trying everything in their hand to keep the numbers on the lower side possible.

China COVID Cases Numbers

Since the very first day of the spread of COVID-19, Chinese authorities have been reporting positive cases of COVID-19 in their country. 

Chinese are one of the biggest populations in the world, and even during the first few waves of COVID-19, when the whole world was reporting the cases in bulk, Chinese authorities reported merely 1500 to 2000 cases regularly.

There was just one incident when the Chinese reported More than 10,000 cases. Apart from that, the Chinese were trying to report as low as possible.

The highest number of positive cases in a day in mainland China was recorded in April 2022, where they reported around 25,000 cases in a day. The whole world believes that the Chinese are not reporting the right numbers and that they’re trying to hide the truth from the world.

November is not looking good for China as the cases have been sharply rising in the country. On 15th and November 2022, the Chinese once again reported more than 17,000 cases in a day which is the highest since April 2022.

It is very hard to digest that a population of more than 1.5 billion people is reporting cases of COVID-19 in thousands only. Most health experts believe that China is trying to report just a fraction of the number to save its image with the public.

China Covid Cases
China Covid Cases

Latest Changes in China’s Zero-Covered Policy

Chinese authorities have recently introduced some changes in its zero COVID policy. It’s been the first instance since the introduction of 0 COVID policy that the government is making some changes.

These changes are not much bigger than any other country is doing. From now on, People traveling in China will have to spend at least five days in quarantine and three days in home isolation.

The time frame has gone down from seven days to five days, and people are going to save two precious days in the country. This small change was enough for the financial market in Hong Kong and China to short up 7%. 

It’s the first instance after March 2020 that Hong Kong financial markets have jumped more than 5% in a day.

In a similar statement, Chinese authorities also mentioned that they are going to stop to identify secondary contacts. Chinese citizens have welcomed the whole policy change as it is going to help them a little bit more to move into the country.

In other news, Chinese authorities have also eased out the process of entering the country. From Monday onwards, passengers from several countries will only be required to take the RT PCR test within 48 hours of boarding the flight. Yes, passengers will also have to apply for a green health code from the embassy or consulate.

Both of these things will be checked by the airline at the time of boarding, and only people with valid documents will be allowed to board the flight.

Chinese authorities also announced that there are no extra requirements for passengers with previous COVID infection. Even if you have any history associated with COVID-19, you are free to move into the country like any other Citizen.

Chinese authorities have reduced the guidelines for travelers from countries like Singapore, Serbia, Australia, Canada, the United States, Russia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sweden, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

Lastly, Chinese authorities have also scrapped the penalty policy for airlines to bring any passenger infected with COVID-19. From now on, airlines won’t be responsible for any passenger’s COVID status.

New Updates on China’s COVID Policy

Chinese people are frustrated with the Chinese COVID policy. It’s been more than 2 ½ years since China imposed COVID rules in the country, and the government is not showing any mercy on anyone, including its citizens. 

The government is doing mass testing and Imposing lockdowns in cities where the cases of COVID-19 are rising. Most people in the world might have even forgotten that they were under lockdown 2 ½ years ago, but Chinese people are still facing similar troubles. 

On the 15th of November, people in Guangzhou started clashing with the police. People do not like the strict coronavirus rules in the city, and we even saw some dramatic footage of riots. 

Health authorities in Guangzhou also reported that the city was struggling with the worst COVID outbreak since the start of the pandemic back in 2019. The Chinese economy is struggling as the government is not easing its norms, similar to any other country in the world.

Tensions are also rising in several other districts of China where people are under strict COVID lockdown. The government might be providing rules and regulations for the general public to stay safe, but poor people are not able to eat in the rising inflation without any work and lockdowns.

A huge number of people from several districts in Beijing and other districts of China have been complaining that inflation is rising, and we also see food shortages. At the same time, the government is locking everything up in the name of COVID, and they are not able to survive in this world.

The Chinese government also changed its COVID rules a few days back, but the latest lockdowns in several districts are telling a different story. 

Current Situation of COVID in China.

The current situation of COVID-19 in China is not looking good as the cases of COVID-19 are rising, and the government is easing its zero COVID policy.

At the same time, people from several districts are also protesting against the government and its zero COVID policy. Recently we saw reports from several districts of China, including Guangzhou, where protests turned into riots.

A similar situation is in several other districts where people have been getting together to protest against the latest COVID policy.

Despite all the changes in COVID policy, Chinese people do not like the policy as everyone has to spend at least 5 to 8 days in isolation or at a government quarantine center After traveling anywhere in the world.

Before recent changes in COVID zero policy, the Chinese government imposed a lockdown in the whole district where they found some cases of COVID-19.

After recent changes, the Chinese government is just going to impose a lockdown in blocks where the cases are found rather than the whole district. We all know that the Chinese government cannot be trusted, and Chinese people are also doing the same.

People are protesting in different districts of China, which is telling of the current situation in the country.

The Chinese are also not doing well when it comes to economic policy. Most business owners and investors are not able to enter the country without getting seven to eight days of isolation. No businessman or investor wants to spend their precious time in government quarantine centers just to enter for a few days in the country.

Inflation is rising in the country, and the lockdowns are not easing up. Similar to any other country in the world, the Chinese economy will also take at least a few months to fully revive from the impact, and these lockdowns, along with the mandatory quarantine, are just going to increase the damage.

Can I travel to China now?

Yes, anyone can travel to China as the Chinese authorities have been easing out its zero COVID policy period. From now on, people have to spend only eight days in quarantine which is reduced from 10 days. At the same time, the authorities have also scrapped the penalty policy for airlines to bring any infected person. As a result, you will see a lot cheaper fare.

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