IRS Where’s My Refund – Every person in the United States who is earning has to pay taxes to the Internal Revenue Service every year. The Internal Revenue Service of the United States has already set criteria to pay taxes.

Those criteria are based on the overall income of a person. But, this doesn’t mean that the government of the United States or the Internal Revenue Service is there to suck all the money a person is earning.

It is always going to be a very small portion, and the government uses it in social welfare projects. Along with all that, the Internal Revenue Service also provides several refunds on taxes to ease the citizens of the United States. 

Even refunding is a very easy process, but it can be very hard for a person who is doing the taxes for the very first time or getting the refund for the very first time. In today’s article, we will discuss everything regarding the IRS refunding process, and after that, you won’t have to search for anything such as “IRS where’s my refund.”

Reasons you have not received your refund this year

The Internal Revenue Service has mentioned a huge list of reasons on its official website which can delay your refund process. In case you are also searching for IRS where’s my refund, then you should read the below-given reasons.

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Error in Return

No one is going to receive their tax refunds if their tax return has some errors or it is incomplete. The Internal Revenue Service is not allowed to issue any refunds if the tax returns have any error or it is incomplete.

 If you are waiting for the Internal Revenue Service to let you know about the error in your tax return, then it can take a lot of time. The only thing you can do right now is gone and check your tax return once again by yourself.

You owe money to federal agencies

In case you have not paid all the money to the Internal Revenue Service or any other state or federal agency before you file your tax return, then there is a probability that the Internal Revenue Service will use your refund to pay those debts.

The federal government of the United States launched the treasury offset program, which enables the Internal Revenue Service to take all or part of your tax refund to pay any obligations such as child support, state taxes, or unemployment compensation repayments.

Paper Tax Return

The Internal Revenue Service has launched its scheme where they are proceeding with income tax returns filed using electronic devices. The Internal Revenue Service has also requested everyone to use their official website to submit their tax return this year. If you have filed your tax return using the Postal Service, then it might take a bit longer to issue your refund this year.

Any other Error

Apart from the above-given reasons, there could be so many errors and reasons which could be delaying your refund this year. The first thing which can be drawn with your income tax return is your banking information to issue the refund.

Apart from that, people who are not mentioning their stimulus payments might also face a delay in their refunds and other things. In case the Internal Revenue Service suspects that you are being a victim of identity theft, then the IRS is not going to issue any refund.

Lastly, people who have submitted their amended tax returns once again might have to wait a bit longer than an average person to receive their refunds.

IRS Where's My Refund
IRS Where’s My Refund

What can you do if you have not received your refund this year?

There are a lot of things you can do if you have not received your refund this year. The first thing you can do is have patience.  

The Internal Revenue Service is not going to eat your refund under any circumstances. You will receive your refund, and the IRS has a policy where they are going to pay you interest on overpayment 45 days after receiving a tax return.

It means that people who have not received their refund even after 45 years are eligible to receive interest on their payment.

Use Tax Refund Tracker

The next thing you can do if you have not received your refund here is using the IRS tax refund tracker. The IRS tax refund tracker will help you in two ways. First of all, it will help you determine the status of your expected tax refund. At the same time, it can also tell you if your tax return has been rejected by the Internal Revenue Service because of an error or not. 

Call IRS

The Internal Revenue Service has already requested everyone to wait at least 21 days before they do anything regarding their refunds. In case you have not received your refunds and your income tax return has been accepted successfully, then you can call the Internal Revenue Service on their official numbers. 

What type of refunds can you expect this year?

Every American household can receive several refunds this year. As per one data point released by the Internal Revenue Service, the average taxpayer is going to receive around 3000 U.S. dollars this year as tax refunds.

In case you have not already received your third stimulus payment, you are also eligible to receive that in your tax refund this year.

Apart from that, a lot of people are also eligible for a recovery rebate credit, child tax credit, and earned income tax credit. People who file their tax returns using the Postal Service should wait for at least six weeks before they do anything.

Should I file the tax return once again if I have not received any refund from the Internal Revenue Service?

No, the Internal Revenue Service has mentioned in its guidelines that you should never file a second return for the same year. It doesn’t matter if you have received your refund or not. Under any circumstances, you should avoid filing a second return. You might be advised to amend your original return, but that should be your last resource.

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