List Of Food Spreads

List Of Food Spreads – Food spreads are an important part of our breakfast. Revolution in the food industry has introduced hundreds of different food spreads, and we have made many of these a primary part of our breakfast.

Similar to other food items, we get bored with these food spreads as well, which has been pushing us to find a list of food spreads to select our next one. This transition does not come overnight as we do not want to suddenly lose the taste of our breakfast.

Apart from that, many of us have never used food spreads as the primary food item for breakfast. Did you know that the global food spread market is worth $56 billion? Economics experts believe that the market is going to touch the 60 billion mark by the end of 2025. 

If you are also looking to change your primary food spread or you want to start using it, then you are at the right place as we are going to talk about the whole list of food spreads. It is going to be a mixture of popular and less popular food spreads. You can select one or more food spreads out of the list as per your taste.


Hummus is probably the most popular food spread available in the world. It contains ingredients like olive oil, cooked chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, salt, etc.

Some people might argue that peanut butter is among the most popular ones, but a lot of people around the world are allergic to peanut butter. That is why experts consider Hummus the most popular food spread available in the world.

Another great thing about this product is that it contains very nutritious ingredients, including olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, etc. We highly recommend you take a look at its recipe, or you can also buy it premade. 


Tahini is another popular food spread available in the world. It is also made with very nutritious ingredients, including sesame seeds, lemon, garlic, olive oil, and salt. 

Even if you want to make hummus, you will have to create tahini paste, as it is among the most important ingredients in hummus. It is usually served as a dip, and it is an integral part of vegetable dishes in Middle Eastern cuisine.

A lot of people also use it as a main ingredient in several soups. It is used to enhance the taste of several food items. Another good thing about Hummus is that you can use it as a main ingredient in several other dishes, including Halwa and Baba ghanoush play.


The guacamole food spread is a very popular and old food spread. Experts can find its roots in the Aztec empire back in 1500. Opposite to the above-given list of food spreads, guacamole is going to be green as it is going to use a lot of coriander leaves, lime juice, pepper, and avocado.

You can use guacamole with different snacks and food items, including fajitas, nachos, and Tamal. There are different ways you can prepare guacamole, including some traditional Mexican wages. We highly recommend you take a look at different recipes before giving up on guacamole.


Another popular food in our list of food spreads is butter. There are different variations available of butter, including regular butter, sunflower butter, peanut butter, soy butter, etc. 

Before you start using butter as a regular food spread, let me remind you once again that many of you might not be comfortable eating dairy products. A lot of you might not have a tolerance for dairy products, so you should avoid them if you are lactose intolerant. 

At the same time, people who have allergies to nuts should not consume any peanut butter, Cashew butter, or walnut butter.

List Of Food Spreads
List Of Food Spreads


Believe it or not, honey is also a great food spread. People have been using honey as a food spread for thousands of years, and it is also one of the most nutrient-dense food items.

There are multiple ways you can use honey as a food spread. First of all, you can directly apply honey to your bread to make it more delicious. At the same time, you can also use honey in combination with different food spreads, including nut butter.

You might not like the taste of nut butter, but they are healthy for you. That is why we highly recommend you watch out for recipes combining honey and different food spreads.


Chutney is a famous Indian food. Similar to other food spreads, chutney can be made with hundreds of different food items. The best part about Indian chutney is that it is always going to be vegetarian, so you don’t have any problem, even if you are a vegetarian or vegan.

We always have a misconception that chutney is too spicy. Not every Indian chutney is going to be spicy. For example, you can easily consume coconut chutney without any salt over spices. At the same time, you can make coriander leaves chutney with red pepper and salt for the taste.


Mayonnaise is another world-renowned food spread. It should have been in the top 2 or 3 on our list, but people have been using it in fast food more than ever before. That is why we decided not to include it in the first few slots.

Mayonnaise Is not a bad food product. You can eat different food items, including French fries, salads, hamburgers, and sandwiches, to enhance their test. Another good thing great thing about Mayonnaise is that they are not particularly made out of egg yolk.

People who do not like to eat eggs or those who are allergic to eggs can easily make me with different other combinations. There are multiple brands available in the market working on vegetarian Mayo.

Tartar sauce

Tartar sauce is another popular food spread in the western world. You can easily buy them from any Mart or grocery store in countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, the United States, and Canada.

Tartar sauce is made out of Mayo, chopped Pickles, and relishes along with several herbs. Usually, people use Tartar sauce with food items such as seafood, fish sandwiches, oysters, and fried fish. 

Marshmallow cream

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different food spreads available in the market, and marshmallow cream is one of those. You might know marshmallow cream as marshmallow stuff, marshmallow spread, or marshmallow paste. 

Different companies use different names to attract customers depending on their techniques. The major difference between these spreads is the texture. The texture of all these things could be different, but the flavor is going to be the same as a marshmallow.

Chocolate Spreads

If you were a fan of chocolate, then you would probably like to eat chocolate spreads as well. There are multiple brands available in the market working on different chocolate spreads with different ingredients.

You might have eaten them with waffles, muffins, pancakes, and other food items in different restaurants in the United States. The only thing you have to look out for in chocolate spreads is the percentage of chocolate as an ingredient in the spread.

Not just in the United States, but several brands are using more than 20 or 25% of sugar in chocolate spreads which is not healthy for Everyone who is going to use it regularly. You should make sure you are buying chocolate spread with maximum chocolate content rather than sugar or any other.


Last but not least, jam is another important food spread available in the world. There are different variations available of jam, including fruit jam, beer jam, bacon jam, coconut jam, etc.

The only problem with the different types of jams is the use of ingredients other than the main. For example, several companies will try to sell jam with names such as best fruit jam in the world.

At the same time, you will see that fruits are just 5% to 10% part of the jam. The companies will use 20 to 30% of sugar and other ingredients in a jam, Which makes it unhealthy.

Before we wrap our session, let me once again remind you to take a look at the list of ingredients in any food spread. If you are buying your food spread in the market, make sure you are buying with organic sources and the USP ingredient is the main ingredient. 

Which is the most popular food spread in the world?

There are hundreds of different food spreads available in the world, but Indian chutney, hummus, Mayo, etc. Different countries and regions in the world have different choices when it comes to food spreads. Most of the time, food spreads are popular based on the availability of the main ingredient in the country And the taste.

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