Lexapro Side Effects – The cases of mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety, are rising at a rapid speed in the United States. The rising cases of mental health disorder in the United States was a huge concern for the whole nation and people around the world.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published their study in which they mentioned that mental health disorders are increasing at rapid speed in youngsters. People below the age of 30 are suffering from several mental health disorders as compared to any other age group.

Some health experts believe that the pressure of early success caused by social media and other digital platforms has been putting pressure on youngsters, which is resulting in mental health disorders. Depression and anxiety are among the most common problems in youngsters, and during that treatment, your doctor might suggest you take Lexapro. 

It is among the most famous medicines for mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety. Along with its benefits, the medicine also caused some common to rare side effects. Let’s take a look at some of the most important Lexapro side effects.

What is Lexapro?

Lexapro is an antidepressant drug which is also known as escitalopram. The drug is associated with a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Health experts use the drug to treat several types of depression and anxiety. 

Lexapro is going to balance the levels of serotonin in the brain of the patient. As a result, the patient will start feeling better from depression or anxiety. Along with its benefits, the drug was also known to cause some side effects. Let’s take a look at some of those.

Side effects of Lexapro

Lexapro is known to cause several side effects, which we have divided into a few different parts. The division of parts is according to the severity of symptoms. People usually get better without any medical assistance when they are experiencing common side effects. On the other hand, there is a probability that you might require immediate medical assistance if you are experiencing severe or rare side effects.

Common side effects

Most people who are going to take medicine will experience these common side effects of Lexapro. Usually, people do not require any medical assistance for common side effects of Lexapro, but you are always open to consulting with your doctor if you are already struggling with any other health condition.

There is a probability the person who is taking medicine might experience nausea, trouble sleeping, dry mouth, tiredness, Constipation, dizziness, increased sweating, and drowsiness. 

Usually, people get better within two to three days once they start consuming the medicine, but it can last a little bit longer, and you might also require some other medication to tackle these side effects.

Serious side effects

Along with the list of common side effects, Lexapro is also known to cause some serious side effects. Kindly do not ignore any of the below-given symptoms as these are serious side effects of consuming the medicine. 

Once you start taking Lexapro, there is a probability that you can start experiencing serious side effects of the medicine, including decreased interest in sex, easy bruising, and changes in sexual ability.

You can consult these side effects with your doctor as soon as you start experiencing them. Some damage caused by these side effects may last longer than you think and become permanent. 

Lexapro Side Effects
Lexapro Side Effects

Rare side effects

The list of side effects of Lexapro does not end here, as the medicine also contains some rare side effects. As its name suggests, these side effects are not common, and not everyone is going to get them.

Your medical history, along with your history of similar drugs, can influence you to get rare symptoms. In case you start experiencing any of the rare symptoms of Lexapro, then you should call 911 or your healthcare provider as early as possible.

In some cases, people might require immediate hospitalization and medical assistance. These side effects are also known to cause some life-threatening conditions.

There is a probability that, as a rare side effect of Lexapro, you may start experiencing bloody or black stools, irregular heartbeat, seizures, pain, and vision changes.

Similar to other serotonin drugs, Lexapro can also increase the levels of serotonin in your body. In case you start experiencing any of the below-given symptoms, then you should consult with your doctor as early as possible and stop consuming Lexapro.

Symptoms of higher levels of serotonin can include fast heart beating, loss of coordination, hallucinations, severe dizziness, twitching muscles, and unusual aggression.

Warnings associated with Lexapro.

Along with the huge list of side effects of Lexapro, there are some warnings associated with the drug. You should be very careful while consuming it as these things are known to cause life-threatening conditions.

First of all, do not mix Lexapro with the Pimozide or Celexa. Combining both drugs can cause life-threatening conditions. Kindly do not take Lexapro before and 14 days after you have used an MAO inhibitor.

Apart from that, there is also a probability that you might start experiencing suicidal thoughts once you start consuming Lexapro. It may also happen with any antidepressant medicine, so you should stay alert and consult with your doctor as early as you start experiencing any more changes.

Under any circumstances, kindly do not stop consuming Lexapro or any other antidepressant medicine without consulting your doctor first. These medicines require a specific plan to lower any probability of Both after effects.

The medicine is only recommended for people above the age of 12, so do not give it to anyone below the age of 12. Lexapro is also known to cause higher levels of serotonin in your body which might cause hallucinations, increased sweating, fast heart rate, and loss of coordination.


Where can I buy Lexapro?

Lexapro is great antidepressant medicine, but it is also known to cause some side effects. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States does not allow its sale without any proper prescription. If you already have a prescription for Lexapro, then you can visit any nearby Walgreens or CVS pharmacy.

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